Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Interclub Challenge, 1 week today, 16th September

Dont forget its Interclub next week - big thankyou to everyone who has volunteered so far, we now have plenty of runners but if you still want to be involved no one will be turned away.

Unfortunately, now I'm having to work away next week so the dream team of James & Jon will be running the show... sorting out teams and allocating roles to the marhsalls and time keepers.

If you have a preference of what you'd like to do please let them know.

So far we need

* Race Starter (someone with a big gob? any ideas?)
* Results - The Baron
* 3 x time keepers ( or 6, you can do this in pairs its easier if one has the watch shouting numbers and partner to record the time on the clip board)
* Marshalls dotted along the course.

 Jon and James will set up the course and are also running so may be a bit stressed out so be kind. :D

Pasties will be delivered around 7.45pm and any donations of cakes and biscuits are appreciated.  (James, bring a tupperware box to put on the table for collecting money. There is no set price for food just voluntary donations)

So if you have any questions about rules please see previous blogs. And for anything else please contact James and Jon direct.
Many thanks and good luck.. I am expecting to see our trophy back when I return :D :D

Names so far...



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