Monday, 31 August 2015

Interclub challenge - reminder & rules

Reminder about interclub Challenge on 16th September (Wednesday) - I'm still looking for more runners and helpers please.
Its a great opportunity for new members to get involved in a short club race and an opportunity to socialise together afterwards.

A&T will host the event this time at Gin Pit - meeting at 6.30pm for a start time of 7pm (prompt because don't want to lose the daylight)

It's intended to be a light-hearted, fun challenge and is designed to involve runners of all abilities across all three Clubs. 

The competition will be run as a 3-runner per team relay event. The distance covered by each runner equates to approximately 2 miles. 

1.       Runners will be selected into teams of equal ability.
2.       Each team will decide themselves who runs which leg.
3.       When completed, the finish times for each team will be combined.  The Total best times for each club’s teams will then be added together to give the overall result.  Regardless of the number of teams entered only the same number of teams for each club will count. (e.g. if A&T enter 10 teams, Swinton 8 and Burnden 12, only the top 8 teams for each club will count so that the scoring is consistent).  The team with the lowest overall time will be the winner of the challenge.
4.       A minimum of 5 teams per club is required to make the event a success.

There is no pressure on anyone to produce spectacular times, just run your best for your club and that's good enough, the main focus of the evening is as a social event. 

Along with refreshments available at the Bar, hot pasties will be delivered. If you're able to bring along donations of cakes and/or biscuits to share with all the athletes whilst results are calculated, I'd be very grateful.

Here are the names so far, if you're name's not here and you want to be involved, please let me know. Thanks Barb x

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