Monday, 31 August 2015

Interclub challenge - reminder & rules

Reminder about interclub Challenge on 16th September (Wednesday) - I'm still looking for more runners and helpers please.
Its a great opportunity for new members to get involved in a short club race and an opportunity to socialise together afterwards.

A&T will host the event this time at Gin Pit - meeting at 6.30pm for a start time of 7pm (prompt because don't want to lose the daylight)

It's intended to be a light-hearted, fun challenge and is designed to involve runners of all abilities across all three Clubs. 

The competition will be run as a 3-runner per team relay event. The distance covered by each runner equates to approximately 2 miles. 

1.       Runners will be selected into teams of equal ability.
2.       Each team will decide themselves who runs which leg.
3.       When completed, the finish times for each team will be combined.  The Total best times for each club’s teams will then be added together to give the overall result.  Regardless of the number of teams entered only the same number of teams for each club will count. (e.g. if A&T enter 10 teams, Swinton 8 and Burnden 12, only the top 8 teams for each club will count so that the scoring is consistent).  The team with the lowest overall time will be the winner of the challenge.
4.       A minimum of 5 teams per club is required to make the event a success.

There is no pressure on anyone to produce spectacular times, just run your best for your club and that's good enough, the main focus of the evening is as a social event. 

Along with refreshments available at the Bar, hot pasties will be delivered. If you're able to bring along donations of cakes and/or biscuits to share with all the athletes whilst results are calculated, I'd be very grateful.

Here are the names so far, if you're name's not here and you want to be involved, please let me know. Thanks Barb x

Race Report - Pennington Flash 5

A lovely sunny Sunday (well actually it was a bit too humid) saw 22 blue vests turn out for the 8th club road race of the season - a really good number considering some of our regular squad weren't there (we missed you all!).

The day got off to a great start with the junior fun run at 10.30am and the four little Bennett-Simpsons running a mile in the heat earning themselves lots of cheers and a well deserved medal each - we definitely have some future runners there, well done girls!

At 11.00am Team A&T got on to the track where the race started for a field of 196 runners who set off on an undulating course going through Pennington Flash country park and finished back on the Track.

First across the line for A&T was Turbo Tim in a time of 29.26 closely chased by Tom in 29.33, also earning Tim 2nd M40 prize of some lovely new socks, which as you can see he was particularly pleased with!  And completing the club's top 3 men was Simon in 31.27 - well done boys!!

We pitched a really strong ladies team and for the first time for a long time we had the first 2 ladies (overall) over the line - 1st Josie in 33.27, 2nd Jackie in 34.07 and making up the winning ladies team was Sue in 35.40 - Fantastic running ladies!

Other winners were Suzanne winning 2nd F40 earning more sock shaped prizes (kindly collected by Chris) and also 1st F35 won by Louise earning her some vouchers which no doubt she will want to spend on socks so as not to feel left out!

With all these fantastic achievements choosing runner of the day was really very tricky but I have to choose someone who has been running really well over the past few races - I've looked back on 2014 results and compared to this years, some great improvements on times have been recorded and even a few seconds off last year's time in the heat is tough but  The Baron knocked a whopping 4:11 off his 2014 time - Well done Paulie thats flippin' awesome! A nice bottle of red vino has your name on it!

Finally, well done to everyone and also support crew for all the cheers! Next race is 13th September - Blackleach 5. 
I wont be at the next race I'm afraid as it clashes with another commitment so will be looking for a volunteer to do a race report!
Have fun and see you all soon

Barbs x
Team A&T <3



Friday, 28 August 2015

Race 8 of 2015 - Pennington Flash 5 mile this Sunday.

The next race of our road calendar is this Sunday 30th August at LSV for the Pennington Flash 5 mile trail race. Its a mix of trail and road, most wear road shoes for this one but that's weather dependent.

The link below has all the info you need..

Start time for race is 11.00am £7 entry fee.

Hope to see lots of you there, including new members - give it a go, its the taking part that counts and you've got a bank holiday to relax and recover in! :D Good luck to everyone racing!

Barbs X
Team A&T<3  

Monday, 24 August 2015

A&T Club meeting Sunday 6 September – reminder

Meeting starts at 8pm with Committee only pre-meeting at 7:45 pm

Please come along and support your Club

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Interclub Challenge - Glory will be ours!

Remember May? Hosted by Swinton, won by Swinton in a result that went to the wire with the results of every single team counting on the night... so close, we lost out by 1 point... so this time WE WANT OUR TROPHY BACK!

A&T will host the next interclub challenge so its operation race face and all hands to the pump are needed..

(Race will start at 7pm)

We need runners, marshalls, timekeepers and a race starter. The Baron has kindly offered to help me with results.

Please contact me to get your name down, if you usually do efforts on a Wednesday this is just as good, if not better as you'll even get a pastie afterwards!
I'm also looking for donations of cakes and biscuits to make sure all athletes are well fed and looked after while the results are being calculated.

Lets make it a great night!  Thanks everyone, more details to follow, please spread the word!

Barbs x
#Team A&T<3


Monday, 17 August 2015

A&T Track Olympics - results

Fantastic turn out at the track tonight with some speedy performances! Thanks to all the timekeepers and support crew too!
Scores on the doors are below:


Stu 310 - 25.81
Tom - 26.11
Tim - 27.29
Matt - 27.57
Chris B - 28.27
Ian R - 29.25
James B - 30.63
Dave S  (fit) - 32.24
Rob - 32.24
Vanessa - 33.58
Rachel - 34.55


Ian R & Chris B - 1.03 (different heats)
Tom - 1.04
Dave S - 1.06
Tim - 1.09
Mike & James L - 1.13
Jackie - 1.13
James B - 1.15
Phil - 1.17
Rob - 1.18
Claire - 1.20
Vanessa - 1.21
Lou S - 1.22
Matt - 1.23


Tim - 2.37
Stu 310 - 2.40
Matt - 2.41
James L - 2.42
Dave S - 2.44
Jackie - 2.47
Phil - 2.51
Claire - 2.56
Lou - 3.01


Tim - 4.52
Tom - 4.54
Matt - 5.02
Dave S - 5.03
Chris B - 5.07
James L - 5.12
Ian R - 5.20
Mike -  5.25
Jackie - 5.33
Phil R - 5.36
James B - 5.44
Claire - 5.56
Rob - 6.17
Lou - 6.25

Let me know if there are any errors and I can change!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Christmas Party - save the date!

If you didn't pick it up from previous club meeting minutes the annual presentation and Club Christmas party will take place on

Saturday 5th December
At the Miners Welfare Club

 More details to follow... 


Chorley 4.4 - Race Report

Big thanks once again to the 26 club members who turned out in style for race 7 of our club champs at Astley Park in Chorley on 5th August.  Some of the usual squad were on holiday e.g. Mark Riches, Chris & Lou, Tom Fletcher, Gary S, Scott etc  .. I'm confident we could have broken the elusive 30 runners mark otherwise.  Having said that it was great to see Mark L back racing after some injuries and photography assignments keeping him away from the fold, and also a 1st club race for Rob Foster - a baptism of fire there Rob, they aren't all that tough (honest).

The Chorley 4.4 race wasnt on the club champs in 2014 so it was a return for the club to this challenging course that begins at the bottom of a steep hill and takes us through the park, tricky trail areas, and finishing the first loop back at the dreaded hill which we then repeated a second time finishing the run after the 3rd uphill ascent - ouch!

First over the line for A&T was Tim in 26.43 also bagging him 1st Vet 40 prize (Brendan kindly collected this for you Tim), congratulations. 2nd was Simon in 28.16 followed by Shaun in 28.24 completing our top 3 men - great running guys.

The ladies were also out in force and first over the line was Josie, fresh from her well earned break post Ironman with 310, just dipping under 30 minutes in 29.59 - great run! Followed by Jackie in 31.20 and Sue in 33.21 - these times along with Suzanne's earned the 4 girls 2nd team place - albeit no prize for 2nd - booooo!!!

A few special mentions - first one to The Baron for being a scrooge with his pins. Sadly Sooz arrived sans safety pins so was trying to cadge one off a few people. Paul was having none of it - 4 he had and 4 he was keeping! Luckily for Suzanne, Shaun had some emergency safety pins!  Second - Claire Unsworth, congratulations! What for you ask?  Well when I compared results to 2013 (the last time the club ran there), there were only 17 runners and only 4 of whom did the race in 2015 of which you were one. Of the 4 only you improved on your time... not just improved but smashed it by 1 minute 19 seconds!!!
Third - To Damo for holding my hoodie and being offical club photographer.
Fourthly - to Sooz for giving me her drink at the end because there was no water left (I clearly need to get faster to get a drink at the end)!
And lastly for runner of the day who is Rachel Haslam for a great run, finishing in 36.17 - Rachel is running really well at the moment and getting great results - well done, bottle of wine on its way to you x

Club results are almost complete, however, still need to find the anonymous 732 (24 points) otherwise points will have to be re-allocated.

For anyone who hasn't seen the complete results the link is below...

Well done again team! Next race Penny Flash 5 on 30th August, see you all there
Barbs x
Team A&T <3

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Chorley 4.4 results help?

Apologies for the delay in getting the race report and results out to everyone... I'm struggling with the format of the published results and have contacted Chorley to ask if they can send me an excel version.

If any techno-savvy A&T'ers could help in the meantime please email me an excel version to I need each piece of information in a separate cell (name, club, time etc) so that I can filter results etc (I know, I'm so needy)

Any help appreciated

Barbs x 

Monday, 10 August 2015

A&T Cross-country Champs 2015/16 - by Mark Riches

A&T Cross-country Champs 2015/16 - by Mark Riches

I am still waiting for the Mid Lancs dates but thought I would share the Red Rose & South East Lancs dates (see below)

Red Rose
31/10/15 or 14/11/15
Red Rose
Red Rose
Red Rose
Heaton Park
Boggart Hole

A&T Beginners Group

Congratulations to 4 of our original 10 beginners who completed their 10 week 'Run4UrLife' programme in style with a 5k timed run around the Trails at Leigh sports village.

All our ladies are fitter and faster than when they began and are keen to continue with the positive life style changes they've now incorporated.  Claire Western, Sarah Jacques and Jane Sloan (not pictured) have now joined the club with some of the other ladies also thinking about joining.

We were all very grateful to Cath Hodgetts for running the sessions along with help from many others in the club including, Clare, Lynn, Tracey, Dave Capner, Jon Hall, Emma, Mark L and Matt Thorpe. 
The 5k run was also really well marshalled and supported so a big thank you to our wonderful helpers who turned out in force to make sure the group got round safely and in an A&T style fun and supportive environment.

I am now planning to run another group session and would like to kick this off on 
Monday 7th September so would like to ask club members if they are again willing to spread the word locally, I have leaflets I can let you have to drop off where ever you feel there may be interest.
Contact details to register are on the leaflets but please spread the word anyway you can.

Thanks again to everyone for the fantastic support
Barbs x 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Date for the Diaries -

Howe Bridge Marlins L D S C Annual 1,500 metre Championship
Date: Saturday 14th November 2015
Start: 4pm onwards
Cost: tba
Entries limited to 50 swimmers

Really well run event and good training for anyone doing Triathlon upto Standard Distance (Olympic) and further.
Anyone interested in taking up swimming please look at the website for times of training with Howe Bridge Marlins

Further information to follow but should you have any questions please contact: and ill try and assist

Thanks Jonathan Hyde