Tuesday, 21 July 2015

NEW Club Vests :D

 Get yer kit on!!!

Our new club vests have now arrived!! Yipee!!   So as promised within our 2015 funding pledge, members who have so far this year done 5 club races or a mix of club races and club volunteering will receive a free vest. (Anyone who has completed the 10 week beginner course and then joins the club will also receive a free vest).

There are still lots of opportunities to qualify with 4 road races still to run this year and our Gin Pit 5 race which will need lots of volunteers to help make it run smoothly.  Please remember that this gesture is in recognition of members who are actively representing the club. For any members who aren't race fit their support through volunteering has also been recognised.

Giving something back...

I plan to be at the track on Monday 3rd August to give vests out so please come along to pick yours up if you've done the necessary 5 events (if you're not sure contact me) You'll then have your new kit ready for the next club race
Wednesday 5th August - Chorley 4.4!
For anyone who hasnt done 5 but would like a new style Vest - you can buy one for £12.00. Sizes will be limited so first come first served.

Anyone currently at 4 events but is planning to run Chorley 4.4 please let me know on Monday 3rd August and you can have your vest!

Looking forwarding to seeing you all soon!
Barbs x

If you're not sure how many races you've done please give me a shout. Remember that these are only club races and you should be registered as representing Astley & Tyldesley.
There's a tab on the road race results with volunteering credits too.

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