Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A day in the Lakes Tri!!!! By Scott

If anyone is wanting a challenge for next year then this event is for you!! 1.2 mile swim, 57 mile bike and then a 13.2 fell run to finish off!

I set off at 5 o'clock to make it for registration at 6.45. The weather was awful driving up and the first time I had done a triathlon in bad conditions. After the race briefing which took 5 minutes followed by 15 minutes on the rules of drafting.....yawn, we were all set and ready to go!

The swim route had to be changed due to the choppiness of the water so instead of 1 lap it was 2 shorter laps which felt longer than 1.2 miles!! After drinking most of ullswater I managed to steady myself out of the water and into transition 1 in 47 minutes......I was in transition for 4 minutes + putting on arm warmers (suggested by Jon Hyde) which later on in fact were great and kept me warm throughout the bike.

I didn't realise what I had got myself into as I started to ascend up kirkstone pass after 15 miles it was like an escalator with no end!! 😩 then at 37 miles was hit with shap fell which indeed was another long climb!! After oxygen at the top of both peaks I continued to complete the bike route in 3.45 with cramp in my hamstrings and quads. This then led onto the fell run.....I had literally ran 1.5 miles and was hit with a climb, then the route flattened out for 4 miles before seeing what looked like Mount Everest (a bit of an overstatement but at the time felt like it) everyone going up there was walking - I felt like crawling, the descend was great with picturesque views and the last 5k on road, I completed the run in 2.29 with an overall time of 7.15.
Like I said earlier this one is for the tough I will take my hat off to anyone who wants to complete this next year!!! From a tired and stiff body.....Scott

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