Thursday, 23 July 2015

4 mile time-trial held at GP 22/07/15

Mark R
Dave L
Rob F

Tim was 'king of the trails' and won a box of Cadburys fingers and 'run of the day' which was a Spiderman sponge, was awarded to Rob.

The only other prize was a bottle of Palmolive oriental beauty shower gel, which was awarded to 2nd place in the absence of any female competitors!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

NEW Club Vests :D

 Get yer kit on!!!

Our new club vests have now arrived!! Yipee!!   So as promised within our 2015 funding pledge, members who have so far this year done 5 club races or a mix of club races and club volunteering will receive a free vest. (Anyone who has completed the 10 week beginner course and then joins the club will also receive a free vest).

There are still lots of opportunities to qualify with 4 road races still to run this year and our Gin Pit 5 race which will need lots of volunteers to help make it run smoothly.  Please remember that this gesture is in recognition of members who are actively representing the club. For any members who aren't race fit their support through volunteering has also been recognised.

Giving something back...

I plan to be at the track on Monday 3rd August to give vests out so please come along to pick yours up if you've done the necessary 5 events (if you're not sure contact me) You'll then have your new kit ready for the next club race
Wednesday 5th August - Chorley 4.4!
For anyone who hasnt done 5 but would like a new style Vest - you can buy one for £12.00. Sizes will be limited so first come first served.

Anyone currently at 4 events but is planning to run Chorley 4.4 please let me know on Monday 3rd August and you can have your vest!

Looking forwarding to seeing you all soon!
Barbs x

If you're not sure how many races you've done please give me a shout. Remember that these are only club races and you should be registered as representing Astley & Tyldesley.
There's a tab on the road race results with volunteering credits too.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Gill Pimblott Memorial Race 2015 - results

Big thank you to everyone who supported this event, either by racing and/or buying raffle tickets

We raised £116, which I am hoping we can round up to £150

Ian (bacon mon) Hamilton made the start line despite drinking 8 pints and staying up until 02:30 the night

Alan Pimblott grandson 'won' the event wearing number 1 but as he & Alan only ran 2 mile the actual winner was Shaun with Suzanne finishing 1st lady

Tim, who was running the marathon which started 1 hour earlier, also entered Gill's race with the intention of running the first 2 laps of the marathon (approx. 9 miles) quick enough to make the start, which he did!

Results below:

Ethan Schofield
2 miles
Alan Pimblott
2 miles
Shaun Moran
1st male
Tim Campbell
Phil Riley
Damian Munro
Matt Thorpe
Suzanne Gregory
1st female
Claire Matchwick
Ian Hamilton
Tracy Loughrey
Becky Clark
Emma Ridsdale

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Gill Pimblott Race - Reminder

Gill Pimblott and Lions Bridge Race Day - Sunday 12th July 2015

This year the Gill Pimblott Memorial Race will be held on 12th July at 11am.

It will be the same 4.4 mile 1 lap course as last year around the Gin Pit trails and Lilford Park, starting and finishing outside the Gin Pit Welfare Club.

Entry is available on the day for £5; entries will be taken from 10am until the start of the race at 11am. 

Please don’t turn up at the last minute so we have a chance to register everyone.

If you are racing, marshalling or supporting please can you bring a raffle prize. We will be selling tickets with all proceeds going to Gill’s charity

For all the new members out there, Gill was associated with the Club soon after its inception in January 2001. She lost her battle with cancer over 10 years ago and it was in her memory that the Club hosted its first ever race ‘the Gill Pimblott memorial race’

We have continued to host this event annually ever since, donating all proceeds to a local cancer charity in memory of Gill

This year the race will again be held in conjunction with the Lions Bridge Trail Marathon and Half Marathon. There are still places available for the Half and Full Lions Bridge marathon; £20 attached/£22 unattached & start time 10:00am

Online entry and race info available at:-

Please note, no entries on the day and entries close on Sunday 5th July.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Why every athlete should do YOGA!

So have I peaked your interest? I hope so...

Something a little different for A&T but definitely worth exploring if you suffer from recurring injuries or you'd like to improve your core strength and flexibility.

After my own personal experience of nursing an achilles injury for 7 months and finding yoga to be the cure, plus the benefits of Bikram yoga experienced by Louise S & Jackie we all agree that there's definitely something in this!. We're now looking to arrange an A&T only group yoga session that will probably run in a block of 6 classes, one every fortnight.
Payment will be needed in advance for all six sessions and the cost is as yet to be decided but will be between £20-30.00. If the classes go well we will repeat the booking.

At the moment we cant pursue this until we know we have enough members to make the sessions viable so if you'd like to join A&T Yoga group please let me know on FB or email

If you're not sure if this is for you why not read a bit more about why every athlete should do yoga...

Barbs x

Preventing Injury

Many sports, such as cycling and running, have very repetitive movements usually in one direction and in one plane of motion. These sports can develop certain muscle groups while ignoring others. Over time, this process causes imbalances in the muscles and joints leading to overuse injuries. For instance, tight hamstrings and hip flexors will cause the body to recruit from other joints, joints not intended for bearing extra loads.

Common overuse injuries among athletes include those involving the illiotibial band (ITB), knee, hamstrings, hip flexors and shoulders. Often, these injuries are directly linked to lack of flexibility, poor core strength and misalignment. Yoga helps alleviate this tightness, builds a stronger center, and aligns the spine. In order to minimize and/or prevent injury, athletes should concentrate their efforts on these areas used most in endurance sports.

Even if athletes stretch pre- or post-workout, they are usually just stretching the muscles in the same direction and plane of motion in which they will be exercising. Yoga goes beyond simple stretching by working the muscles and joints through all ranges of motion-activating the little-used muscles that support the primary movers.

"I've definitely noticed benefits in my triathlon training from yoga," said Heidi Resiert, a triathlete from San Diego. "My recovery time is much quicker, my shoulders feel stronger in the pool, and my muscles don't feel as tight after long runs or bike rides. I'm glad I found yoga and added it to my weekly workout routine. Not only do I feel stronger, but I also feel more confident that I will continue to be injury free."


Thursday, 2 July 2015

Forest Park ladies 5k by Bev Tickle

Typically on the hottest day of the year, I had a 5k to run.  Forest Park, Birchwood - Ladies 5k hosted by Spectrum Striders is one I've done for last 5 years and one I would recommend.  It would be nice to see other A&T girls at this one (Karen Morris where were you?!) - ideal for new runners who may feel a bit nervous about racing - this is a friendly event, well organised and marshalled, great atmosphere, generally flat on mainly trail paths through Forest Park, you get flowers at the end and above all, no boys allowed!! 

My time of 27 mins was a little off my recent pace but still a course PB and given the draining heat yesterday, I was happy enough with that.

A big thank you too for Clare Unsworth for stopping off on her bike ride to cheer me on at the end - it was great to see her there x

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A day in the Lakes Tri!!!! By Scott

If anyone is wanting a challenge for next year then this event is for you!! 1.2 mile swim, 57 mile bike and then a 13.2 fell run to finish off!

I set off at 5 o'clock to make it for registration at 6.45. The weather was awful driving up and the first time I had done a triathlon in bad conditions. After the race briefing which took 5 minutes followed by 15 minutes on the rules of drafting.....yawn, we were all set and ready to go!

The swim route had to be changed due to the choppiness of the water so instead of 1 lap it was 2 shorter laps which felt longer than 1.2 miles!! After drinking most of ullswater I managed to steady myself out of the water and into transition 1 in 47 minutes......I was in transition for 4 minutes + putting on arm warmers (suggested by Jon Hyde) which later on in fact were great and kept me warm throughout the bike.

I didn't realise what I had got myself into as I started to ascend up kirkstone pass after 15 miles it was like an escalator with no end!! 😩 then at 37 miles was hit with shap fell which indeed was another long climb!! After oxygen at the top of both peaks I continued to complete the bike route in 3.45 with cramp in my hamstrings and quads. This then led onto the fell run.....I had literally ran 1.5 miles and was hit with a climb, then the route flattened out for 4 miles before seeing what looked like Mount Everest (a bit of an overstatement but at the time felt like it) everyone going up there was walking - I felt like crawling, the descend was great with picturesque views and the last 5k on road, I completed the run in 2.29 with an overall time of 7.15.
Like I said earlier this one is for the tough I will take my hat off to anyone who wants to complete this next year!!! From a tired and stiff body.....Scott