Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Summer Track 5k

Summer Track 5k Results (29/06/15)

A very big well done to all who came and gave the track 5k a go, especially in the warm humid conditions that we experienced last night, with some really strong and encouraging performances across the board.
Results, in no particular order, were:
Mark Riches 19:06
David W Sloan 19:13
Jackie Price 20:47
Rachel Haslam 25:10
Vanessa Thomson 26:20
Mathew Thorpe 19:46
Ryan Purtill 22:52
Robert Foster 24:49
Ian Ryder 22:11
Matthew Threlfall 24:00
Steven Eccles 22:17
Chris Bennett 19:57
David J Sloan 24:21
Phil Riley 21:10

A particular well done to Jackie Price who was awarded the neon glasses for run of the day for chasing Mark Riches down in the early laps and continuing strong to run a sub 21:00, just pipping Chris Bennett who nipped under 20:00 on the track for the first time and beat Ian Joslin in an egg & spoon race in the same day.

A massive thanks to Claire Matchwick, Neil Hughes, Chris Scholes & Tim Campbell for helping out with the time keeping, it wouldn't be possible without you.

David Sloan

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