Monday, 15 June 2015

North Cheshire 5k Series

Last week the concluding 2 races of the North Cheshire 5k series took place. On the evening of Thursday 11th June the second race at Dunham Massey in which the route ran the reverse of the first race here. The evenings weather was sunny and very warm. The start was downhill and a little congested but everything was fine once you got moving.

We had 4 runners in this race of which Arnold Melling was first to finish with 21.22 and taking the 1st V65 prize. Well done Arnold. I finished next with a time of 22.40. Rachel Haslam, making her second outing in the series, finished next with 25.19. And still running well with a finish time of 25.48 was Bev Tickle.

There were a few groans at the finish that the course was long. My own Garmin measured it at 3.23 miles.

After the race I was kindly invited back for drinks, which just happened to be prosecco, to Rachels sisters place. She works for the National Trust and lives on the grounds of Dunham Massey. It's not what you know it's who you know.

The final race of the series took part on Saturday 13th June in the village of Hollins Green on the outskirts of Warrington. This year the course had completely changed so it utlilised more traffic free roads. This meant that the roads were shut for most of the race. The new route was pretty much an out and back with about a mile loop in the middle. Weather wise while the sun wasn't shining brightly it was decidely muggy. The start was very narrow and quite congested so it took a good 5 seconds to even start moving but again once moving it was fine.

We had 3 runners take part in this race and I was first back with a time of 22.17. Ian "Bacon Mon" Hamilton, who had raced the Penny Flash parkrun that morning, crossed the line next with 23.53. I thought he was bonkers doing 2 races on the same day but one of his sayings is there's no fool like an old fool. And last but not least Bev Tickle, who was photographed giving it some, finished next with 25.58.

After the race it was the usual banter and then back to HQ for free cake and coffee to anyone who raced. Oh yes I had forgot that it was a tradition on this series which was a nice bonus. Whilst finishing my coffee I noticed a briuse on Bevs shin so I pressed it and asked if it hurt. Words to the effect of you sod that hurts whilst lashing out with her foot to try and inflict me some damage. Funny I thought reflexes were in the knee and not the shin. Also thanks to Terry Gardiner for the vocal support and pics of the race one of which I used in this report.

Below are the series results for A&T runners taking part

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