Friday, 5 June 2015

North Cheshire 5k Series Thus Far

Well it's been a while since I posted a war and peace race report to which it has been noted in some corners of the club. Therefore I thought I would oblige, whether they were being facetious or not, with one of those said reports. Besides I thought my guff would fill out the blog a bit.

At the moment we are mid way through the North Cheshire 5k series, which is 5 race series in which a small number of A&T athletes, and myself, have taken part so far

Race one in the series was at the scenic Dunham Massey which is 2 1/2 laps round the grounds starting at the house. This race took part on the 22nd May. I've taken part in this race a number of times during the last few years and the first thing that struck me during my warm up was I don't remember the finish being so far up. It turns out that the old distance was short and thus moved about 100 metres up the path. This added 100 metres so happened to be all uphill, wonderful. Myself and Bev Tickle took part in this race of 190 runners. I came home, begging for the finish to swallow me, with 22.18. Bev had an excellent run and I have it on good authority that she sprinted up the hill coming home with a smashing PB of 25.45. Well done Bev because my watch clocked it longer than 5k and it was more uphill than down.

Race two in the series was at Birchwood Brook were I dipped out of this one with a dodgy leg, well more dodgy than usual, and Bev was off sunning herself in warmer climes. I know which excuse I would rather have had! This race was run on Friday 29th May.

Race three in the series was at Bowdon, which is on the outskirts of Altrincham, and took part on the 4th June. This is a 2 and a bit lap route around Bowdon taking in mostly roads with about 1/2 mile of trails. The trail section can get a bit muddy but on doing a lap warm up on race day this wasn't to be the case. We had 3 runners in this race out of the total 203. I came home with a time of 22.17 after wondering why I had run after 1k. Next home was Rachel Haslam who had an excellent run dipping under 25 minutes for 5k for the first time with 24.42.Well done Rachel on your PB. Bev Tickle followed Rachel in running off the booze with a time of 26.12. It was then off some light refreshments before we made the journey home.

The next race in the series is again at Dunham Massey on Thursday 11th June at 7.15pm. This race will be run in the opposite direction to the first race so I'm hoping it's, or should I say I'm a little faster, which is perhaps wishful thinking.

The Baron

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