Thursday, 14 May 2015

Race Report - Haigh Hall 13th May

On another lovely sunny Wednesday evening 32 Blue vests and 1 wearing my hi-vis T (we must sort your kit out soon Tom Fletcher) donned their official race numbers for the fifth race of our club champs road calendar at picturesque Haigh Hall.  Carol Mills & Louise Hampton were there willing and ready to run for the cause but sadly, due to the race being oversubscribed no more race numbers were given or the race licence insurance limit would've been affected. So in reality we had 35 club runners out on the course..... HOLD IT.... just go back and read that again... Yep 35!!!

In 2014 we had 28 runners made up of 20 men and 8 ladies
This year our 35 comprised of 18 men and 17 ladies.... WOW!!  Sadly there were a few of our regular club runners missing due to injury, Coach Shaun, Soozy-G, Steve (blackfoot) Coleman and Neil (dodgy knees) Hughes or missing coz they've just gone AWOL - anyone seen Ian Newcombe?
We had a few of our injured there to offer support too; Emma, Jane, Jon & Cath - thanks for the shout outs - great to see you all.  Lets hope you can all get back to racing soon.

It was also super-lovely to have some of our newer club members racing for the first time, some seriously impressive times and abilities in the shape of Tom Fletcher (hot on the heels of Turbo-Tim), Rob Lawson and Jamie Marsden - a massive welcome to the club from us all, its great to have you with us.

So the evening began with a photo-call at 7:20pm, as usual, we didn't manage to get everyone on the shot, but, having said that, its a great photo and will be used to promote the club locally in hard copy and online.  Well done to us all for looking fabulous!!

The race began slightly after 7:30pm with 305 runners stampeding through the park, up the rocky trail up to the road for over a mile and heading back into the Park down the ramp and back through the park to complete 2 loops of the course.  
First back for A&T was Tim 23:13, closely followed by Tom 23:19 and 3rd Simon Ford 23:30 - well done guys.  First lady back was Josie 25:59, followed by Jackie 27:49 and 3rd lady Louise Simpson 29:56 - great running ladies.

It was a very different field of A&T runners this year compared to last year so comparing times and performances difficult. However, want to say well done to everyone who improved on their 2014 time: Gary Stevens, Simon Ford, Chris Bennett, James Bentall AND ME!!! (Sorry but I knocked 37 seconds off my time so I'm having a moment - ok I'm done...)

All things considered runner of the day prize is a difficult one for this race because so many of you did brilliantly - however, choose I must, and this time the prize goes to one of our newer members, Rob Lawson who had a storming run finishing in 27:24. Rob has recently ran the Manchester Marathon and is a regular at the Wednesday efforts sessions. Well done Rob, you will receive a bottle of wine on the club!

At the end of the race I had an opportunity to catch up with some other winners to hand over prizes from previous races (the rest I can hand over at Sunday's meeting)
Congratulations to Tracey & Lynn who shared Runner of the day for Radcliffe 10, Baconmon who won V60 at our Gin Pit Half, and Simon Ford who bagged 3rd place prize...

Finally, I hung around for the presentations and managed to pick up even more prizes for two of our guys Tim - 1st V40 and Simon - 2nd V40
Well done again!!!

If you've not seen the results check out the blog or facebook page.
The latest club standings are complete and have been sent to James for posting on the web.

Looking forward to seeing another great turn out at Race 6 - Horwich 5 miler on 17th June, more details nearer the time. Until then if you're doing interclub, thats our next team rendezvous!

over and out
Barbs xx
#TeamA&T <3

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