Monday, 4 May 2015

Horwich Tri 2015 - Race Report

Yesterday, 7 A&Ter's took part in Horwich Tri yesterday, although 2 were representing Team Deane - but we'll let them off! :)

Horwich Tri consists of 20 lengths in pool, 25mile pretty hilly bike course and a horrible 5.3mile run to the top of Rivington Pike and back. It was safe to say that the weather on Saturday was freaking everyone out and causing some concerns and lots of texts and messages about what the hell to wear on the bike course...this only got worse as we woke up to torrential rain yesterday morning! (I say we, but obviously we weren't all sleeping together) (well, we certainly wouldn't want to sleep with Team Deane! lol)

When I entered the race before Christmas, I accidentally put in an estimated swim time that was far too fast for me and I spent last week stressing about swimming with much faster swimmers. My mistake paid off though because faster swimmers set off later in the day which meant I managed to avoid the rain. Josie, however, in her first Olympic Distance, was faced with full on torrential rain on the bike course, didn't envy her that!

My own race went much better than expected, I was chuffed to bits with my swim time as it turned out, pleased with my bike and while I always knew my run would be a disaster (Foxholes and Rivvy just KILL me) I was very happy with my overall time and placing. Big thank you to those of A&T who came watching and cheering at the Leisure Centre,  it was fabulous to see Bev Tickle waiting on Foxholes hill for me and running (ok, walking) up the really steep bit with me for moral support. Simon Ford flew past me as I staggered up an incline on the run and gave me a pat and a cheer - can't believe how strong he looked on the run,a run which bagged him 10th place! Coming down the hill I was accompanied by Stu Jones (aka Threeten) who was having an 'easy' race - very easy running with me Stu! Was good to see Alex in his luminous yellow cycling gear on the course and the 3 of us cheered Graham who also shot past downhill on his way to a great result.

All in all a great , challenging event which definitely gives you a real sense of achievement on finishing. Well done all but special congratulations to Graham Rands who smashed out a fantastic 3rd place finish! Brilliant! Onwards and upwards A&T!

Results (301 competitors completed in total)

Graham Rands 1:50 (3rd)
Simon Ford 1:58 (10th)
Anthony Hart 2:25 (104th)
Stu Jones 2:33 (150th)
Craig Bradbury 2:36 (164th)
Josie Maley 2:37 (169th)
Clare Unsworth 2:59 (257th)

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