Sunday, 10 May 2015

Greater Manchester 10k by Gary Stevens

Arrived in Manchester bright and early to get organized for this years Manchester 10k. Jane Eccleston had kindly given me a free entry so I had to go to the Convention Center to collect it. The first person I saw was Mark Riches who was working and offered nice words of encouragement. I was given a “fast pace” number as I was expecting to run around 38 minutes. With the “fast pace” number you get the experience of warming up with the elites. As I did my little 1 mile warm up I passed a few Kenyans and Jo Pavey, I bet they were thinking who the hell is this idiot warming up with us wearing a A&T hoodie with “Wiz” on the back. I was also celebrity spotting. As well as seeing Jo Pavey I saw 3 Olympic gold medalist in Denise Lewis, Jonathan Edwards and Greg Rutherford. Boxer Anthony Crolla was stood near by on the start line.

I have mixed feelings about the race itself. As a former race organizer I feel it is vastly over priced at £38.00 but people year on year support it and raise millions for charity. For the majority of the people in this race a 10k is a challenge, and it is great to see so many people raising their arms crossing the line, where as I am trying not to make a fool of myself on TV and not be sick!

The race is a pretty fast course but today there was a swirling gusty wind which was stronger in the Second half of the race. There were a few cheers along the course but I was zoned out by this point and couldn't respond, but thanks anyway whoever you were.

I went through 5k in 18.58 and 5 miles in 30.45 but faded a little to clock 38.49.

Well done to other A&T's in the race, I know some of you got Pb's.

Full results below.

130th Thomas Fletcher 37.06
246 -  Gary Stevens 38.49
673 -  Brendan Loughrey 42.03
1092 - Damien Munro 43.36
2220 -Louise Simpson 46.27
5854 - Barbara White 52.00
6209th - Michelle Fairclough 52.54
10493 - Tracy Waterfall-Chadwick 57.20
10842 - Tracy Loughrey 57.44
10952 - Jenny Western 57.52
11082 - Joan Cooke 57.59

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