Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Race Report - Radcliffe 10k

On a blustery Sunday morning a slow trickle of A&T runners headed towards Radcliffe 10k registration for the fourth race of our road calendar.  Most had a look of dread, some had a look of post Saturday night indulgence and one had a look of 'should I really be here after coming straight off a night shift?'  Oh my giddy aunt, Chris Bennett I salute you, you mad bugger!  So what initially seemed like not so many A&T vests actually turned out to be 26 in comparison to the 22 who raced in 2014 - yippee!!   

A gentle jog was needed to the start line by a total of 311 runners ready for 11.00am gun, then handshakes all round and after a brief briefing and the mandatory mass shuffle backwards -  we were off.  The course was mostly road like conditions with the trail sections being very dry so helped underfoot until we reached the dreaded 37 steps when a stair lift or tow rope would have been very helpful.  The course itself is actually really lovely, great scenery, twists and turns to keep it interesting and of course undulating - the main cobbled uphill drag made me feel like I a needed a new set of lungs by the time I got to the top -but all in all, a great course and very well marshalled.  There were lots of friendly cheers to welcome us all back up Cams lane towards the track finish - it makes such a massive difference to be cheered in by the team so thank you to everyone who did that, it means a lot.   First over the line for A&T was Tim 37.10, followed by Simon 39.14 and then Mark R completing our mens top 3 in 39.36 - fantastic achievements guys. Top 3 ladies were Josie 43.02, Suzanne 46.04 and Susan in 46.44 - well done ladies, great running.    

As you can see from the times below there were some great performances on the day and mostly its this data and comparisons to previous performances, that are used to base runner of the day decisions on. However, there are often many other variables in all our busy lives that can mean that race for us has been a personal success.  For some, overcoming nerves and having the courage to stand on the start line alongside hundreds of runners takes a brave effort.  So for Radcliffe's run of the day I'm going to pick two ladies who crossed the finish line together - Lynn Boylin & Tracey Loughrey, Tracey (along with husband Brendan) is new to the club and its great to see you actively training and racing with us. Both Tracey and Lynn were both noticeably nervous at the start yet had a good run on a tough course and even managed a sprint finish! So, in the absence of a medal at this race, you will both receive a little something.  Everyone who wears the A&T vest is an athlete and integral to the team and the fabric of the club. Keep up the great running ladies - hope to see you both at the next race x

Next club road race is Wednesday 13th May Haigh Hall 4.
Look forward to a massive club turnout post marathons - we need a new team photo with everyone on it!

Well done again to everyone, latest standings are now complete and emailed to James to publish on the website. See you soon
Barbs x
#TeamA&T <3

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