Wednesday, 29 April 2015

IRONMAN UK - another chance to earn money for the Club whilst having fun!

I was approached by a man on the back of a motorbike at the Manchester Marathon …

The story could go anywhere from here but he was the Ironman UK volunteer co-ordinator and he told me he was looking for a team of enthusiastic volunteers to help out on race day (19/07/15)

His company (Ironman Ltd) provide donations to clubs who bring 10 or more volunteers. I have already got 3 names (Lynn, Tracy & Bren) – thanks and don’t forget to sign up using the link below

As an IRONMAN UK crew member you will have:

·         An opportunity to be part of a great sporting experience. An opportunity to attend a pre event briefing to find out more about the event and role(s) you will be undertaking
·         An opportunity to add to your CV
·         An opportunity to get a special discount on IRONMAN event merchandise
·         An exclusive IRONMAN UK crew member t-shirt and refreshments provided during your shifts(s)
So if you are interested in helping, please sign-up using the link below; answer the last 2 questions as below:

Do you have a group of 10 or more people who would be interested in volunteering as a group? Yes

How many volunteers are estimated in the group? 10

by Mark Riches

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