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Gin Pit Marathon 2015 Race Report

Gin Pit Marathon 2015 Race Report

This report is a bit late coming but I’ve just had so much to do since the race, including compiling the results, collecting my signs and generally tidying things away from the biggest Gin Pit ever. Also with Easter coming straight after and a busy couple of weeks at work, not to mention keeping my training going. I could do with 48 hours in the day! Anyhow let’s get on with the race report.

Once again we were very lucky this year with the weather, this is a factor that is completely out of my control when organising the event but can really make the difference as to whether the event is enjoyable or a nightmare. We had pleasant temperatures, it was bright and dry with even some sunshine at times. If the weather is bad then I’m more concerned about the volunteer marshals having to stand around and getting cold more than the runners who at least are generating heat while running and have a chance of keeping themselves warm. Anyhow this wasn’t something I had to worry about this year. Both the runners and the marshals were able to enjoy the event in very pleasant spring conditions.

The only down side for my promotion of the event was the challenge I had set the runners to negotiate the “Bog of Doom” at 24.5 miles. Due to the lack of rain it was more like the “Puddle of Insignificance”. I had promoted this water feature and due to the nice weather it had made my description of the obstacle seem “much ado about nothing”. Quite a shame it didn’t test any of the runners this year. Ironically only 48 hours later a load of rain filled it up to a level that would have been very challenging.

Day 1

This year at the front of the race we had some very fast runners and coming home first was Adam Holland in 2 Hours 53 minutes 42 seconds, the first ever runner to break the 3 hour barrier on the Gin Pit course. Second and also under 3 hours was Charlie Sharpe with 2 hours 56 minutes 2 seconds. Third with another impressive time, which any other year would have won the race, was Joe Duckworth in 3 hours 3 minutes 23 seconds.

In the Ladies race, the ever consistent Caroline Hemming came in first in 3 hours 33 minutes 45 seconds.

I would like to also say a huge congratulations to Beth Taylor-Jones for completing her 100th marathon.

Day 2

At the front we had more of the same with Adam Holland again coming in first, albeit with a little more reserved time of 3 hours 9 minutes 47 seconds. And again for the ladies Caroline finished first in 3 hours 43 minutes 5 seconds.

So it goes without saying that this year’s Double Winners were Adam Holland and Caroline Hemming, both had a clear sweep over both days. A very well done to you both.

I know this event, now in its fifth year is my baby but without the many helpers each year I just wouldn’t be able to do it. I would like to thank the marshals who stood at their check points for hours to support and look after the runners. I’ve received many grateful comments from the competitors about the marshals. I would especially like to thank Yuk-Lam for helping out in the run up to the event and significantly over the weekend. I must also mention my daughter Abbey and son Lucas who helped out both days selling pasties in the kitchen and handing out medals at the finish, they were brilliant little helpers. Thank you to everyone who helped.

The event this year generated £2,112.13 for the Brathay Trust who work with young disadvantaged people, helping children moving out of care so they can support themselves or steering them away from crime. If you feel like you would like to give a donation to help them in their work or would like to sponsor me to run 10 marathons in 10 days this May for their charity then please give a donation to my JustGiving web page:-

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