Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Dear Club Secretary 
Please see below an offer that is exclusive for running club members.  We wonder if you would be either willing to email it out to them or put it on your Facebook page. 
It's really important to us that we are able to support our local running clubs in the best way we can - so over the Easter weekend, we are offering 20% discount to running
club members who shop with us over this period; 3rd – 6th April.  
Whether they are training for a race, after that elusive PB or are just looking for an offer, this double club discount should help them.   
Just one thing to note, it's a good idea to bring in club/EA/UKA id, as this offer isn't open to everyone – it's just for club members. 
If you are able to spread the word to your membership that would be great.   
Hope to see you over Easter. 
Kind regards
Up & Running Manchester
133 Deansgate
M3 3WR
0161 8328338
We're closed on Easter Sunday, but we're open on Good Friday and Easter Monday, 9.30am-6pm

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Liver Hill Fell Race

DISCLAIMER-I cannot be responsible for any fun had or any addiction to future fell races!!!!

See you on the fells. Simon

Tue 31st Mar 2015 – Pete Hartley Memorial Liver Hill (R)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Manchester Marathon 19 April 2015 – FINAL REMINDER (promise!)

My earlier reminder HERE refers

The organisers tell me that we are now up to 9 - see below

·                     Mark Riches
·                     Jonathan Hall
·                     Rachel Haslam
·                     Neil Hughes
·                     Paul Basnett
·                     Chris Bennett
·                     Josie Maley
·                     Barry Allman
·                     Stuart Jones
The organisers make a considerable donation to A&T club funds in return for us supplying marshals and we require 20 volunteers but think we could manage with around 13/15

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Gin Pit half - Race Report by Barb

27 Blue vests graced the start line of this year’s Gin Pit Half race, our 3rd club race of 2015. The race was officially started by Mark Riches who made sure everyone got away safely and then sprinted through the pack to make his way back up to the lead group (thank you Mark).

The course was a mix of trails and tarmac and the dry weather had made it much easier underfoot than previous years so most, if not all, runners opted for road shoes. Whilst planning the Marathons  Malc had suggested the continuing road works may force the need for a route diversion, he had been working tirelessly behind the scenes, checking and rechecking and speaking with the council and 2 days before the 1st Marathon the road was opened  again meaning we could stick with plan A! Thanks Malc!

Sadly a couple of our team, Ant and Helen, had to retire before the 8 mile water station due to injury and we also missed Shaun, Suzanne and Neil who were due to race but injury meant it wasn’t safe for them to attempt the distance.  We hope to see you all at the next race, fingers crossed.

It was great to see team Revill at the Monton water station along with Ian Newcombe and a few  friendly faces from Team Deane along the way.   I was also joined by Jane Eccleston who added the route to her marathon training for the day whilst giving morale support to me and others along with the other half of the Wiggins duo, Lady Emma, on her trusty MTB giving her injured knee some respite but still clocking up the miles and giving out her usual cheeky charm.  

The route continued through Worsley Woods, cheered on by an injured Mikey G and later on near the Moorings he was also there to offer encouragement. There was also lots of impromptu support from the general public with clapping, shouts and general loveliness from everyone enjoying a lovely sunny Sunday.  The encouragement between all runners, half or full marathon runners is also special to be part of and one of the many reasons that makes this race and so memorable for us.

The canal path was mostly dry for the last few miles and certainly a welcome change from the previous years of wading through thick clay and mud whilst trying to avoid ending up in the canal, and the dirt bike race in the last mile was a new feature – who knew?!

The welcome sight of the finish at Marsland Bridge was amazing with lots of encouragement and cheers bringing us all over the finish line to collect our wonderful medals and much needed water.  A big thank you to Louise Hampton, Cath Hodgetts and all the ladies there who all did a fine job! 

First back for A&T and in 2nd place overall, was Tim Campbell in a time of 1.18.29 followed by Simon Ford 1.26.02 and then Mark Riches 1.27.00. First three ladies back were Josie Maley 1.33.51, Jackie Price 1.39.57 and Susan Fletcher 1.42.56.  Well done to all our top 3’s and in fact well done to every single person who raced on the day. A&T amassed no less than 9 PBs (that I’m aware of but there were probably many more) including: 

Me, Clare, Stuart (Three-ten) Jones, Tim Campbell, Scott Priestley, Chris Bennett, Louise Simpson, Rachel Haslam, Nicola Scott and, oh dear, Ian Joslin fuming that he equalled his PB lol.

This year we made this race part of our club champs and as such we also have some category winners in addition to Top 3 men and ladies.  Apologies that I didn’t organise the presentation very well , most runners did need to get back to family so I will endeavour to get prizes out to those of you who have won and failing that will catch up with you at  the next club meeting or race.  Big thank you to Chris and Louise who have already distributed some prizes for me:

Prize money of £50, £30 & £25 respectively to Top 3 Men and Ladies plus a bottle of wine (or beer) and a trophy for 1st Male and Female

1) Tom Carson, Horwich RMI + £50 new course record
2) Tim Campbell
3) Simon Ford
1) Josie Maley
2) Jackie Price
3) Susan Fletcher

A&T category winners of a bottle of wine or beer:      
 L35 – Josie                  M35 – Gary Stevens

V40M – Tim Campbell                    V50M – Mark Riches                        V60M – Ian Hamilton

I have also made an executive decision that whilst there were many worthy A&T’ers for the runner of the day prize I think it’s time we had a lady winner so the Gin Pit Half run of the day goes to Claire Matchwick who is quietly training like a trojan for the Marathon and improved on her last year’s Gin Pit half time by 15:20!!!! OMG!!! Well done Claire.

The full results have been published on the blog and facebook thread.
Lastly a final thank you to Malc and his army of helpers who enabled us to make this a club race on home turf without having the majority of the club marshalling as is the case for GP5. 

Next race is Radcliffe 10k the weekend after Easter - 12.04.15, it’s a CLGP race so you can pay on the day or in advance if you prefer. More info nearer the time.  

Looking forward to another great turnout! #TeamA&T  <3

Love Barbs x

Monday, 23 March 2015

Gin Pit Half Marathon 2015 - Results

Gin Pit Half Marathon Results 2015

Congratulations to everyone who completed the half yesterday, our 3rd club race of the season.  We enjoyed lovely weather and ground conditions that made for a great morning of racing with plenty of PBs and a new course record by some 6 minutes, courtesy of winning athlete, Tom Carson (Horwich RMI).

Please find below the official results which are now being updated to the club standings which will be published soon along with a full race report.

Barbs x

Friday, 13 March 2015

Gin Pit Marathon

I've got a great bunch of helpers for the Gin Pit marathon weekend. Thanks again for all those helping. But I could do with 1 or 2 more to help out at the finish of the Half on the Sunday (22nd March) down on the canal at Marsland Green Bridge in Astley. Who's got a spare couple of hours between 11:15am & 1:15pm and could help with the time keeping and support our runners as they finish?

Monday, 9 March 2015

Blackpool Marathon

There is a place up for grabs for the Blackpool Marathon on Sunday 26th April. 
If interested please ring Shaun Moran for more details on 07806 315015.

Park run update - Fuelled by sunshine!

Some great parkrun results on Saturday 7th March with quite a few PBs to be celebrated. Maybe it was the first glimpse of summery sunshine that put a spring in your step?  (Only to be drowned out on Sunday for anyone doing their long runs or racing - booooo).
Well lets hope more sunshine and more PBs are around the corner for everyone.

Please don't forget to let me know if you go further afield than Penny Flash, Worsley, Bolton or Warrington. I'll try to pick any comments up on Facebook if you post your whereabouts, but if not please drop me an inbox message so I don't miss you.

New PB's achieved by Ian Joslin who also ran his 50th Parkrun, Nicola Scott & Paul Basnett also clocked up a new PB each. Chris Bennett missed his parkrun PB by just 2 seconds but managed a big time improvement on his 2015 parkun time on the leaderboard, as did Ian Hamilton. Congratulations to all runners including Helen Minshull who made her parkrun debut!

Keep parkrunning everyone!

Barbs x

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

3 mile time trial

In no particular order

Malc 20.14
Neil 17.50
Shaun 18.05
Gary 18.12
John L 18.54
Brendan 20.10
Chris S 19.45
Damian 21.58
Jon H 20.46
James 20.51
Scott 20.50
Stacey 20.58
Suzanne & Bob 21.08

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Manchester marathon 19 April 2015 – REMINDER

My earlier post HERE refers

The organisers tell me that only those listed below have registered so far

  • Mark Riches
  • Jonathan Hall
  • Rachel Haslam
  • Neil Hughes
We have been allocated the same spot as last year 40.0km, 24.8miles; our busy time will be between 11:00 – 15:00 so I only need a couple of people to accompany me to set up the tables etc ‘first thing’ and the rest of you don’t need to get there until later (we could even do 2 shifts i.e. 10:30 – 13:00 and 13:00 – 15:30)

The organisers make a considerable donation to A&T club funds in return for us supplying marshals and this is one of the reasons we were able to avoid an increase in subs this year

If you are not on the list above and you can spare a few hours to help your Club, please use the link below select the Drink Station Marshal option & enter code astley2015

Monday, 2 March 2015

Race Report - Trotters 5

Race 2 - Trotters 5 mile Trail Race

26 gorgeous A&T blues turned out for Trotters 5 yesterday, made up of 15 guys and 11 ladies for our 2nd race of the road calendar.  The weather was kind to us although the course was predictably muddy due to the nature of the course and the recent wet weather so most of us plumped for trail shoes.  The course this year was ran in reverse to previous years and was the cause of much nervousness (mine) at the prospect of running up the previously referred to 'lovely' hill (due to the welcome descent) but no more would it be lovely, especially on the 2nd lap when the turning appeared to have moved much further away!  
As ever Burnden put on a well organised event. Registration was very busy and Scott of the Antarctic (loves a few layers our Scott) was asked for his age by the lady who proceeded to announce "you're still a man!"  Ahemmm, we think she meant not yet a Vet but if you need me to change your category on the results when the tablets start working Scott, just give me a shout :o

It was lovely to see Shaun Moran returning to racing this weekend along with a few new faces to the team - Tracy and Brendon Loughrey.
I must also say a massive well done to our Cross Country hardcore mud-lovers who did both a really tough Boggart Hole Clough race the day before Trotters too, hats off to Mark, Shaun, Suzanne, James, Neil & Clare.

So after 2 loops of a real humdinger of a trail race first over the line for A&T was Neil Hughes in 34:02 followed by Mark Riches 34:47 and Ian Joslin 35:08.  First lady was Suzanne in 39:55 followed closely by Jackie 40:07 and Kim in 47:25.

Everyone received their Trotters T-shirts and a few spot prizes were also won by the team as they crossed the line.  I'd also like to say a big thank you to Gary Stevens whose well done handshake to team mates as we crossed the line was a very welcome sight, also thanks to Dave & Bob and Cath Hodgetts who were there to support on the course, the shouts outs really help.  The encouragement and support from everyone on the team was, and is, always lovely and its what makes race day special <virtual group hug>.

So although the course was tough and a touch longer than 5 miles (reportedly you can have a minute back for that?) a few of us actually preferred the reverse version of Trotters 5!
Looking at the full results it was interesting to note that of everyone who raced last year only two A&T'ers improved on their 2014 times. Firstly Neil Hughes who beat his time by 2 seconds and Paul 'Baron' Basnett improved on last year by 2 minutes 8 seconds - making him the runner of the day - well done Paul, bottle of wine on its way to you.

Full results and club standings are now completed and ready to be published on the web so keep checking for updates.

Next Race Gin Pit Half Marathon 22nd March 2015. If anyone is available to support Malc on the Saturday 21st March by giving an hour to marshall we are still short by about 4 people. Please contact Malc via facebook if you can help.

Thanks once again, looking forward to seeing you all soon
Barbs x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

A&T X-Country Saturday 28th February at Boggart Hole Clough – by Mark Riches

When I arrived it was just me & Clare Unsworth so I decided to leave the tent in the boot. However, before the race started we were joined by 7 more A&T runners and leaving the tent in the boot seemed to be a poor choice! Suzanne Gregory managed to find numbers for every other XC league except the one she needed and had to purchase a replacement number about 5 minutes before the start of the race (when she got home she found that it was actually in her bag!) 

Suzanne & Clare were the only female representatives although Kim O’Neill was there to provide much needed support as was Clare’s husband & children. Suzanne finished the 2 x large laps 10th in a time of 35.31, despite nearly missing the start, and Clare finished in 50:33 – well done ladies

Next it was the turn of the men; 1 x medium + 2 x large laps this time. As usual, Tim Campbell led the way finishing a magnificent 4th in a time of 37.26. Graham Rands 7th in 38.58 just got the better of ever-present Neil Hughes 9th in 39.32. Simon Ford (40.24) was next A&T finisher followed by yours truly (Mark Riches) in 41.53 with Shaun Moran returning from injury (45.42) and James Bentall (47.16) completing the line-up. We also finished 2ndteam overall & Vets – well done lads

After a quick warm-down, we enjoyed the biscuits (thanks Suzanne) put the flag away and set off home

That’s it for this year and I will announce the prize winners in the Club Champs in a subsequent Blog tomorrow – big well done to everyone who competed

Finally we have some winners in the SEL series of races as below:
Suzanne Gregory 2nd V40
Tim Campbell 5th overall / 2nd V40
Mark Riches 2nd V50
Shaun Moran 2nd V55