Saturday, 3 January 2015

My 2014 by Neil Hodgson

My 2014 was going to be straightforward. Do Ironman!! and to be honest it is a straightforward thing to train for, if you follow your training plan. Along the way there were some great days and moments that i will look back on with fondness and in some cases a shudder of relief that that moment is now long gone. Here are some snippets of memories and events from my year:
10 mile News Years Day run with Foster and Hyde dragging me back into a headwind for the last 5 miles.
March brought the first really bad day on the bike, 75 miles in the cold and rainy conditions saw Simon Ford puncture with 10 miles to go, in true heroic style he said “ you carry on I’ll fix it” so i did carry on only to get a puncture myself 2 minutes down the road, fortunately Captain Hyde stopped and helped my cold hands by dancing and singing a rendition of “happy” whilst my frostbitten fingers fumbled with a tube. Tony Foster I remember, was long gone by this point and probably at home in the shower.
April came and saw a sigh of relief from the ironman group as we completed what was for some our first 100mile + bike ride. We were doing something right.
Simon’s puncture revenge came later that month when he took us on what we thought was the hardest ride we would ever do over to Cragg Vale, Little did we know what he had in store for us later in the year.
My running plodded on as usual and I also did a 1 mile open water swim in 26 minutes 56 seconds which to be honest was the peak of my swimming achievments for the year.
By the time May, June and July came round it was all about Ironman and regular training weeks are averaging out at 17 hours.
I also did a couple of sportive rides during this time one of which was the wheelbase sportive, a group outing over some tough hills and the other I did with a friend of mine on the route of the first stage of the tour de france.
July over with and Ironman done, as usual with any event I do, I wasn’t that happy with my performance. More run work needed!!!!!
The rest of the year contained a few more triathlons which I felt i did better in due to my increase in training, a great time trial in which we were taught a lesson by some cyclists, and finally I must mention the Simon Ford monster ride.
If Simon ever says he has found some good hills and wants to explore them on his bike, DON’T go with him. After cycling 40 or so miles we were confronted with a wall of concrete that was supposed to be a road, yes, some did get up it, I admit I got off and walked as did another person and 2 people actually fell off due to gravity pushing them over. I mention no names to protect their pride. Glad to get home after 90+ miles but a great day.
I hope 2015 is a better year for me results wise and I hope to dedicate time to running more than twice a week, even though I got a 10k pb late this year I still want to do better and I suppose thats a good thing.
If I ever achieve a great year in sport I will then promptly retire and rest on my laurels and revert back to the couch potato who didnt have to worry about which set of carbon wheels would be the next best purchase and which swim shorts are the fastest in a pool.
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