Monday, 5 January 2015

Announcing 2015 Road Champs Fixtures

Announcing 2015 Road Champs Fixtures

Hi everyone, Happy New Year and Happy New race calendar! Its time to eat the last of the mince pies and Cadbury's heroes, cross wine and beer off the shopping lists and get those running feet back out there!

Please see below the races that make up this year's club champs. We are hoping that the mix of distances and the changes to scoring will appeal to everyone in the club.  We'd really like to see a sea of blue vests at all the races - lets support each other and have a fantastic year!

The rules will be posted on the website but to summarise the main change is that for every race you do over and above the minimum required for your category, you will earn 1 add bonus point, plus another point if you complete all 11 races.
Also, Marathon runners will also earn 1 bonus point for each Marathon completed.

Looking forward to a great 2015 season with you #TeamA&T #clubchamps
Love Capt. Wiggins xx

1) 15.02.15 - Central Lancs 5k
2) 01.03.15 - Trotters 5
3) 22.03.15 - Gin Pit Half Marathon
4) 12.04.15 - Radcliffe 10k
5) 13.05.15 - Haigh Hall 4
6) 17.06.15 - Horwich 5
7) 05.08.15 - Chorley 4.4
8) 30.08.15 - Penny Flash 5
9) 13.09.15 - Blackleach 5
10) 27.09.15 - Swinton 10
11) Parkrun

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