Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A&T X-country LSV 17/01/15 – by Mark Riches

A&T X-country LSV 17/01/15 – by Mark Riches

Last minute change of plans meant that I was able to race over the country at LSV for the second time this season, although the weather was completely different this time (more of that later) My wife, Joanne Riches, decided during the short drive to LSV, that she would also race today; she was going to run round Pennington Flash anyway so she had her kit on! When we arrived, Joanne went to registration and paid for a number (no turning back now) then we joined the others on the field.

Before long it was time for the ladies to tackle 1 x lap of the field + 2 x large laps (6k.) Until this point it seemed like a great day for a run but then the weather took a turn for the worst and the ladies were battered by hailstone and strong winds. Just as the last runner had completed a lap of the field, Kim O’Neill set off (luckily she had phoned ahead and Susanne Gregory had collected her number) Jackie Price (30:18) just got the better of Susanne (30:22) Next was Kim (39:28) who had a great run to make up a lot of ground and just got the better of Joanne (39:31) and Clare Unsworth (40:46) – well done ladies

After much debate around t-shirt under vest or no t-shirt under vest / gloves or no gloves, the men set off (10k this time) The weather was much kinder for us; no hailstone until the last mile or so. Tim Campbell shot off as usual and finished 11th overall in 37:08. Graham Rands (38:05) just got the better of Neil Hughes (38:07) Next it was Simon Ford (39:15) followed 31 seconds later by yours truly Mark Riches (39:46) Shaun Moran (41:37) who had run 5 miles already earlier in the day (marathon training!) pulled away from Gary Stevens (42:07) on the last lap and James Bentall (45:37) completed the line-up - well done lads

I had managed to stay on my feet all the way round, which is unusual for me, but managed to perform a spectacular fall a couple of minutes into the warm-down! We enjoyed the biscuits left by Suzanne (thanks Susanne) before make the short journey home

Next race Saturday 31 January at Heaton Park – see you there!

Latest standings in the Club Champs will be posted on the website shortly

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