Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My 2014 - Clare Unsworth

Been a big year for me - turning 40!

In Jan I was persuaded to attempt a half ironman triathlon in August and training and worrying about that took over the first 8mths of the year! There was an 8hr time limit on the event in August and I was genuinely worried about not making the finish line in time (hence I kept it very quiet, which as you all know was a challenge in itself for me!)

I spent most of 2014 desperately trying to improve my cycling which fortunately resulted in an improvement in fitness and a drop in weight which had a side effect of bringing my running times down. Was chuffed to bits to get pbs this year in 5K at Bolton and park run at both Worsley and Penny Flash. I never thought I would get to the stage where I was regularly going under 10min miling and have to keep reminding myself of this when I sometimes still get frustrated at being at the back (but no longer last! yey!)

I also decided to take on my fear of hills and entered Horwich Tri which was the day after my 40th birthday. This forced me to get off the canal and upto Rivington which I have loved and have also completed 2 fell races which again, I never thought I would ever do!

Horwich Tri was a massive challenge and a big deal to me and I was utterly wiped out but over the moon at completing under my target time - was also brilliant buzz being out on the course with so many of A&T competing and cheering.

Windermere Tri in June was a great experience, brilliant race and good weekend with Team Whittaker and Chris Scholes - we all booked straight back onto this event for 2015.

Got to mention best day of the year - 'Ironman 2014' in July. A brilliant club day out with friendly cheering faces everywhere. What a long, brilliant and emotional day and that was just spectating! Am still in awe of every single person who crosses that finish line!

August brought my own challenge of the year in my Rubicon Half Ironman. I was a nervous wreck about finishing in the time limit but absolutely loved it and surprised myself by not just finishing under 8hrs but finishing in 6hr 20mins! Best thing I have ever done but made me think twice about doing an ironman...the training completely took over my life and can't begin to imagine doing twice that much! (hats off again to you Ironmen!)

A collision between my head and the east lancs in Oct then put me out for several weeks but actually enjoyed the rest and to finish my year...on boxing day I did a 10K in Leyland (just to get away from the kids really) and managed  to smash my 10K time - great surprise and good way to end the year.

A big career change for me in 2015 means it's probably going to be a quiet racing year for me (boo hoo)

Thanks for a great year A&T and here's to plenty of pbs for everyone in 2015 x

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