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Marl Pits X-country 06/12/14 - by Mark Riches

Marl Pits X-country 06/12/14 - by Mark Riches

11 A&T runners (4 ladies & 7 men) were brave enough to face this short but extremely challenging course. Amongst them was Malc Collins, who was making his debut for A&T on the country; he had heard the tales of previous Marl Pits races and in his own words “wanted to see what all the fuss was about.” After Tim Campbell had kindly agreed to take the A&T tent home after the race as I had to go straight to work, Dave Crowe and Tim made short work of putting it up with a little help from me!

The ladies course was only 4.7k but with the hills and mud this is probably the most difficult x-country any of us will ever do. Suzanne Gregory (24.29) was the first A&T finisher (again) pursued by Kim O’Neill (26.42) and Louise Simpson (28.29) with Clare Unsworth (35.57) completing the line-up – well done ladies

Next it was the turn of the men; 7.3k this time. Despite sliding down a number of hills on his backside, Lewis Eccleston finished 16th in a time of 31.51. Next A&T finisher was Tim with the run of the day just 20 seconds behind Lewis in a time of 32.11. Neil Hughes (34.00) is another who had a great run just getting the better of Simon Ford (34.36) Next it was yours truly, Mark Riches (37.08) I managed to stay on my feet this year but did a great impression of ‘Bambi on ice’ when tackling the downhill sections! Malc smiled his way round in 39.09 with Chris Bennett (43.53) completing the line-up – well done lads

Just before I left a made a comment about wishing that I had found my shoehorn before the race as my spike are really difficult to get on without it. This caused much merriment as most people didn’t know anyone who had a shoehorn ‘these days.’  I have done a bit of research and everything you need to know about shoehorns is here

Next race is 10 January 2015 at Burnley – see you there

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