Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Helen Minshall - my 2014.

'm not sorry to see the back of 2014 as it's been a difficult year health-wise. Knee surgery in February followed by emergency major abdominal surgery in April put me out of action for months and meant I had to defer my London Marathon place, and pull out of the Horwich Triathlon and Edinburgh Marathons. I've done my best to get back up to speed but it's been frustrating to say the least. However, being fit and healthy has been a big help to my recovery.

I started on the road back to fitness in April by following hospital advice and walking every day, increasing distance and building up my strength gradually. I was back to swimming a mile a day 2 weeks after the op, and cycling by week 3. Running took a lot longer but I set my sights on the St Anne's Triathlon on 18th May. I took it very slowly and mainly walked the run section, and it gave me a massive boost to finish it. From then on it's been an uphill battle to get back up to full fitness. My right knee however is knackered and will need further surgery at some point, probably a knee replacement, but I really want to do the London Marathon one more time. After that I'll be concentrating on triathlon, shorter runs and putting more emphasis on cycling and swimming.

Here is my 2014 events list.

18/05/2014. St Anne's Triathlon. 01:30:05
01/06/2014. Coniston 3k Swim. 54:39.
03/06/2014. Salford Quays Aquathlon. 47:41. 1st FV 50
13/06/2014. Great North Swim 5k. 01:43:34.
18/06/2014. Capernwary 3.8k Swim. 01:27:16.
24/06/2014. Salford Quays Aquathlon. 48:30. 1st FV 50
29/06/2014. Windermere Triathlon Team Minshall / Saunders. I did the swim. 03:08:31. 3rd place.
06/07/2014. Masters Swimming Championships Blackpool. FV50 2 x 2nd place, 3 x 3rd place.
09/07/2014. Capernwary 3.8k Swim. 01:27:53
13/07/2014. Epic Swim Ullswater. 01:26:19.
15/07/2014. Salford Quays Aquathlon. 48/49. 1st FV 50
19/07/2014. Great Manchester Swim. 32:04.
20/07/2014. Capernwray Venus Triathlon. 01:31:26. 2nd FV 50
27/07/2014. Wildcat Matlock Aquathlon. 104:02. 1st FV 50
30/07/2914. Capernwary 3.8k Swim. 01:31:44
17/08/2014. Salford Triathlon. 01:38:02. 3rd FV50
23/08/2014. Great Scottish Swim 2 miles. 01:15:52
26/08/2014. Elton Aquathlon. 01:01:40.
30/08/2014. Blackpool Hilton Illuminations 10k. 59:32
31/08/2014. Wirral Triathlon. 01:51:37
14/09/2014. North West Triathlon Nantwich. 01:39:46
22/09/2014. Fleetwood Triathlon. 01:24:51
19/10/2014. Stockport Triathlon. 01:10:22. 1st FV 50

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