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CLGP AGM Minutes

CLGP AGM minutes
Please find below the minutes from the recent CLGP AGM. Thanks to Emma Higgins for attending in my absence.
As we now have the confirmed CLGP races for 2015 Emma & I will put together the club races for the road section for 2015. If you have any suggestions for races you'd like to see included please get in touch and we'll consider these alongside some of the CLGP fixtures.
Please note the club's GP5 race will not be on the road calendar again this year in order that we can sufficiently marshall and organise the event to the same high standard as this year.

Apologies also I can't attach the file to this blinkin blogger site (I'm a techno ludite) so am cutting and pasting below.
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Gin Pit 2nd December 2014

1.      Attendees

Mark Emmett (Chairman) – Radcliffe A.C.
Andrew Coates (Treasurer) –
Garry Baines (Secretary) -     
Steve Hart – Swinton R.C.                
Dave Waywell – Wesham Road Runners                  
Chris Greenall- Burnden Road Runners                    
Paul Jackson- Chorley AC & Tri
Paul Sedgwick – Burnden Road Runners     
Andrew Doyle – Bolton United Harriers
Paul Carroll – Wigan Phoenix R.C.
Stephen Symons – Manchester YMCA Harriers
Peter Ramsdale – Horwich RMI Harriers
Emma Higgins – Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners

Apologies for absence:-
Joe Galvin –Leigh Harriers
Barbara White – Astley & Tyldesley

2.      Minutes of the previous AGM
Minutes were accepted as correct.

3.      Matter Arising
i) With one additional race in the year’s competition total runners across all races increased to 1800 in 2014 compared to 1665 in 2013. The average numbers of runners per race remained the same.
ii) At the 2013 AGM Bolton proposed we consider the implementation of a handicapping system to ensure the competition remains interesting towards the end of the season and race numbers can be maintained. Andrew Doyle will outline how this could be implemented and will organise a “dummy” non-official league on this basis in 2015.
iii) Wesham has resigned from the competition in 2015. It was agreed that the minutes should officially include a vote of thanks to Dave Waywell, who has been very supportive throughout.
iv) Manchester YMCA will enter the competition for its second year. Stephen Symons indicated that participation should be much improved in 2105.

4.      Presentation of Accounts
In his annual report, the Treasurer announced a surplus of £348.67 for the year with a sum of £1284.38 currently showing as Cash in Hand.

5.      Election of Officials
The following officials were proposed, seconded and duly elected for the 2015 Season:

Mark Emmett (Chairman)
Garry Baines (Secretary)        
Andrew Coates (Treasurer)
 Chris Greenall (Results Co-ordinator)
 Steve Hart (Web-Site Co-ordinator)

The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer all announced that this would be their last season in office. Andrew Doyle of Bolton indicated an interest to take on the Secretary’s role and Paul Carroll of Wigan Phoenix the Chairman’s role as from the next AGM. Both will ghost the current incumbents throughout the 2015 season.
A suitable replacement for the Treasurer should be identified as soon as possible.

6.      Grand Prix Race Dates 2015

The following dates were confirmed for the 2015 season:-

15th February   Central Lancashire 5k (Bolton)
1st   March:      The Trotters 5              (Burnden)
12th  April:       Radcliffe 10km
13rd May:       Haigh Hall 4 mile (Wigan Phoenix)
17th June:         Horwich 5
5th August:      Chorley 4.4 Trail
30th August:    Pennington Flash 5 mile trail race (Leigh Harriers)
13th September: Blackleach 5 mile trail race (Manchester YMCA)
27th September: Swinton 10 *
11th October:   Gin Pit 5 (A&T)

*The Swinton 10 race may be subject to change regarding the distance at a later date.

a). Members from competing CLGP clubs will be allowed to enter races at no extra charge on the day of the race, provided the race is not full. It is the duty of the runner to establish the identity of his club in the event of any disputes.
b). Clubs are encouraged to include that their individual race is part of the Central Lancashire Grand Prix on their Entry Form.

7.      Levy Fees
It was voted that levy fees remain unaltered for 2015.
A levy of £0.50 per CLGP runner will be charged in the 2015 season.
In subsequent years should a club be accepted to join the competition but is unable to host a race; an annual fee of £25 will be charged for payment before the first race.
Should a club wish to nominate a race under its Directorship for inclusion in the CLGP Race Calendar but not enter the competition itself, a fee of £100 will be charged, for payment before the race date if the proposal is accepted.

8.      Rules of the Competition.
The rules of the competition were considered satisfactory and only the number of races held was altered for 2015 with one additional condition(see xiii below).

  (i)        10 runners irrespective of gender to count in ‘A’ team
            (ii)        8 runners irrespective of gender to count in ‘B’ team
            (iii)       6 runners irrespective of gender to count in Vets team
            (iv)       4 runners to count in Ladies team
(v)        Races to be held in 2015 – 10
(vi)       Best 7 out of 10 races to count for individual prizes. This was agreed by member clubs with an intention to review it at the 2014 AGM.
(vii)      In the event of 8 races being held in subsequent years, best 6 out of 8 races to count for individual prizes
In the event of 9 races being held, best 6 out of 9 races to count.
In the event of 11 races being held, best 7 out of 11 races to count.
            (vii)      Team result – worst race to be discarded
(viii)     Vet categories to start at V40 for Men and L35 for Ladies. Each category to cover a 5 year period.
(ix)       Entry on the day – no extra charge to CLGP runners. Race organisers should inform other CLGP members clubs if the race is getting close to being fully subscribed.
            It is the responsibility of the individual runners to inform the race organiser of their CLGP status.
(x)        Runners cannot compete for more than one club in the Grand Prix in the same season. Results will only count for the first claimed club.
(xi)       Runners will retain the Age Category in which they complete their own first race in the competition throughout its duration.
(xii)      Clubs must stipulate that all competing athletes wear club colours, save for exceptional circumstances.
(xiii)     Minimum age of competing runners is set at 16 years.

Host clubs are required to e-mail the results of their races to Chris Greenall as soon as possible after the race.

Results will be circulated and published on the CLGP web-site as soon as possible after the race.
Clubs are encouraged to publich up-dated results to their members.

9.      Prizes
Team trophies for best A’ team, best ‘B’ team, best Veterans team and best Ladies Team will be awarded.

Individual trophies will be awarded for first 5 men and ladies. 1st and 2nd male and lady vets in each category. 

Male vet categories start at V40 and Lady vet categories at L35. Winners and
runners-up prizes in each category will be awarded.

An additional category for U20s will be added in 2015. Separate prizes will
be awarded to qualifying male and female athletes. Again winners and
runners-up prizes will be awarded.

In the event of a tie for a final position after the last race of the season, no count back procedure will apply and identical trophies will be awarded to all competitors who finish on the same number of points.

In addition it was agreed that mementos be given to those runners who complete 9 out of the 10 series races.

10.  Prize Presentation

The prize presentation will take place on 20th November 2015 and will be hosted by Horwich RMI Harriers.

Each participating club will, in rotation, undertake to host the prize presentation. The host club will fund the event and recoup any out of pocket expenses through an admission fee.
It was agreed that the following clubs should host the event for the next 3 years:-

2015: Horwich RMI Harriers
2016: Swinton Running Club
2017: Burnden Road Runners

The host club for 2018 will be elected at the 2015 AGM.

11.  Surplus of CLGP funds
It was recognised that the competition is building funds surplus to what is needed to run the competition.
A levy fee holiday for clubs was one idea which was muted.
However the general consensus was that any surplus should be awarded to those people who make the competition work so well i.e. the runners. The additional prizes for 2015 were agreed as part of this action.
Further discussion will take place at the next AGM.

12.  Suggested Date of the next meeting
The Secretary suggested Tuesday 1st December 2015 commencing 7.30p.m.
Venue to be confirmed.

13.  Any other Business
It was noted that England Athletics had reduced the minimum permitted ages for entering road races to the following levels:-
5k – 11 and 12 year olds
6k – 13 and 14 year olds
10k -15 year old
10mile – 16year old

It was stressed, however, that the implementation of these new age limits was entirely at the discretion of host clubs, having taken all risk assessments into consideration.

Meeting closed at 9.15p.m.

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