Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My 2014 - Clare Unsworth

Been a big year for me - turning 40!

In Jan I was persuaded to attempt a half ironman triathlon in August and training and worrying about that took over the first 8mths of the year! There was an 8hr time limit on the event in August and I was genuinely worried about not making the finish line in time (hence I kept it very quiet, which as you all know was a challenge in itself for me!)

I spent most of 2014 desperately trying to improve my cycling which fortunately resulted in an improvement in fitness and a drop in weight which had a side effect of bringing my running times down. Was chuffed to bits to get pbs this year in 5K at Bolton and park run at both Worsley and Penny Flash. I never thought I would get to the stage where I was regularly going under 10min miling and have to keep reminding myself of this when I sometimes still get frustrated at being at the back (but no longer last! yey!)

I also decided to take on my fear of hills and entered Horwich Tri which was the day after my 40th birthday. This forced me to get off the canal and upto Rivington which I have loved and have also completed 2 fell races which again, I never thought I would ever do!

Horwich Tri was a massive challenge and a big deal to me and I was utterly wiped out but over the moon at completing under my target time - was also brilliant buzz being out on the course with so many of A&T competing and cheering.

Windermere Tri in June was a great experience, brilliant race and good weekend with Team Whittaker and Chris Scholes - we all booked straight back onto this event for 2015.

Got to mention best day of the year - 'Ironman 2014' in July. A brilliant club day out with friendly cheering faces everywhere. What a long, brilliant and emotional day and that was just spectating! Am still in awe of every single person who crosses that finish line!

August brought my own challenge of the year in my Rubicon Half Ironman. I was a nervous wreck about finishing in the time limit but absolutely loved it and surprised myself by not just finishing under 8hrs but finishing in 6hr 20mins! Best thing I have ever done but made me think twice about doing an ironman...the training completely took over my life and can't begin to imagine doing twice that much! (hats off again to you Ironmen!)

A collision between my head and the east lancs in Oct then put me out for several weeks but actually enjoyed the rest and to finish my year...on boxing day I did a 10K in Leyland (just to get away from the kids really) and managed  to smash my 10K time - great surprise and good way to end the year.

A big career change for me in 2015 means it's probably going to be a quiet racing year for me (boo hoo)

Thanks for a great year A&T and here's to plenty of pbs for everyone in 2015 x

My 2014 - Gary Stevens

Another stop and start year with a couple of injuries, but still ran 1586 miles in total.

My Highlights of the year ...

March - Wilmslow Half Marathon 1.26 PB .. did this on about 8 weeks training from my last injury.  Think i could have gone under 1.25 but faded badly in the last couple of miles.
July - Horwich 5 - I don't like running in warm weather but felt super strong this race.  Finished in 30.50 beating some notable scalps along the way.
September - Salford 10k - Didn't expect much this race as i'd just come off my 2 weeks cruise, but surprised myself to clock 37.58

Moving on to 2015 i am still unsure where to go, but i still think i have unfinished business at all distances, and PB's are doable if i have better luck with injuries.  I plan to cut back on the 'junk miles' and do more indoor cycling, may even do another duathlon if i can find the motivation to go cycling on the roads.

Good luck to you all in 2015.

Helen Minshall - my 2014.

'm not sorry to see the back of 2014 as it's been a difficult year health-wise. Knee surgery in February followed by emergency major abdominal surgery in April put me out of action for months and meant I had to defer my London Marathon place, and pull out of the Horwich Triathlon and Edinburgh Marathons. I've done my best to get back up to speed but it's been frustrating to say the least. However, being fit and healthy has been a big help to my recovery.

I started on the road back to fitness in April by following hospital advice and walking every day, increasing distance and building up my strength gradually. I was back to swimming a mile a day 2 weeks after the op, and cycling by week 3. Running took a lot longer but I set my sights on the St Anne's Triathlon on 18th May. I took it very slowly and mainly walked the run section, and it gave me a massive boost to finish it. From then on it's been an uphill battle to get back up to full fitness. My right knee however is knackered and will need further surgery at some point, probably a knee replacement, but I really want to do the London Marathon one more time. After that I'll be concentrating on triathlon, shorter runs and putting more emphasis on cycling and swimming.

Here is my 2014 events list.

18/05/2014. St Anne's Triathlon. 01:30:05
01/06/2014. Coniston 3k Swim. 54:39.
03/06/2014. Salford Quays Aquathlon. 47:41. 1st FV 50
13/06/2014. Great North Swim 5k. 01:43:34.
18/06/2014. Capernwary 3.8k Swim. 01:27:16.
24/06/2014. Salford Quays Aquathlon. 48:30. 1st FV 50
29/06/2014. Windermere Triathlon Team Minshall / Saunders. I did the swim. 03:08:31. 3rd place.
06/07/2014. Masters Swimming Championships Blackpool. FV50 2 x 2nd place, 3 x 3rd place.
09/07/2014. Capernwary 3.8k Swim. 01:27:53
13/07/2014. Epic Swim Ullswater. 01:26:19.
15/07/2014. Salford Quays Aquathlon. 48/49. 1st FV 50
19/07/2014. Great Manchester Swim. 32:04.
20/07/2014. Capernwray Venus Triathlon. 01:31:26. 2nd FV 50
27/07/2014. Wildcat Matlock Aquathlon. 104:02. 1st FV 50
30/07/2914. Capernwary 3.8k Swim. 01:31:44
17/08/2014. Salford Triathlon. 01:38:02. 3rd FV50
23/08/2014. Great Scottish Swim 2 miles. 01:15:52
26/08/2014. Elton Aquathlon. 01:01:40.
30/08/2014. Blackpool Hilton Illuminations 10k. 59:32
31/08/2014. Wirral Triathlon. 01:51:37
14/09/2014. North West Triathlon Nantwich. 01:39:46
22/09/2014. Fleetwood Triathlon. 01:24:51
19/10/2014. Stockport Triathlon. 01:10:22. 1st FV 50

My 2014 by Tim Campbell

My objectives for 2014 were simple – 
1. Complete a marathon
2. Run a bit faster – break my PBs for 5k, 10k and half marathon
3. Do a triathlon
I had joined A&T at the tail end of 2013, having run some parkruns and a few other races as an ‘unattached’ and not really knowing what to do next, so I was a bit vague and was looking for some direction.  Joining a club was the right thing to do and 2014 for me turned out to be a year where I learned a lot about running . . .
Lesson 1 was about training, apparently you should have some sort of structure for your training rather than just going out for a jog around the block every now and then when you feel like it.  I’d also signed up for the Greater Manchester marathon and had a vague idea that I should follow some sort of training plan.  This is where being a member of a club really helps and I talked to a number of people about what to do, to find out that I probably should have already started a training plan a few weeks before!  Quickly I googled a plan, printed it off and started off on my 2014 journey. 
Lesson 2 was probably the most important lesson of all - Vaseline.  I bought myself a new pair of marathon training shoes in the January sales and then immediately did exactly what I shouldn’t have done and ran 13 miles in them, acquiring blisters on every toe and an extremely painful 3 inch blister on my heel that lasted for weeks.  I went out and bought the largest tub of Vaseline I could find and ever since have smeared the stuff all over my feet before doing any run longer than 5 miles.  Oh Vaseline, I love you!  More information on Vaseline can be found at this link
Lesson 3 As a runner you can never have too many safety pins.  You know you’re a proper runner if you have a massive stack of safety pins in your bag.
Lesson 4  If you have a training plan then follow it!  I went straight into week 6 of a 16 week marathon training plan, then missed a good 50% of the planned long runs due to other commitments and on one of the long runs I actually did, I decided to do the full 26.2 "to see what it was like" rather than stick to the 22 miles I was supposed to be doing. Big mistake, it takes time to recover from a marathon if you’re not called Malcolm. Before this though I did have my first highlight of the year, running in the Inskip half-marathon with an aim of possibly breaking the 1:30 barrier and seriously surprising myself with a time of 1:24:40.
Another highlight came shortly before my first marathon when I took part in my first fell race.  Having promised myself that I was just going to take part, I was loving it so after holding myself back for the first 10 minutes I couldn’t help myself competing and paid for that with shredded calf muscles going into the Manchester marathon.
Lessons 5, 6 and 7 Pacing, nutrition and hydration.  I didn’t properly respect the marathon distance until I did it for real.  A combination of a fell run 4 days before, poor training, going too fast at the start and not really knowing what I was doing about nutrition and hydration during the race meant that my legs completely seized up at about mile 20 and I finished the last 6 miles of the marathon in over an hour – run/walk/hobble, mainly hobble.  So I had finished a marathon, but barely, and having walked I didn’t feel like I’d properly achieved my goal of properly completing a marathon and the next day I put my name down for the next available local marathon a few weeks later in Liverpool.  This meant missing out on the triathlon I’d entered in April, but I had unfinished business and this time I tried to be sensible in what training time I had left, plus read up on nutrition and hydration and practiced them in training runs.  The Liverpool marathon for me was another highlight of the year, it was a tougher course than Manchester, but it felt like I ran the perfect race, keeping a sensible pace, eating and drinking well and never once needing to walk or hobble.  And it turned out later that as a major plus point I’d done a time that qualified me as a ‘good for age’ entrant for London 2015 with a time of 3:05.  Objective 1 was ticked off the list.
The month that followed was May and off the back of all of the marathon training I got PBs in everything I did, thus achieving Objective 2 of new PBs in 5k, 10k and half marathon before half the year was out.  A highlight in May was the Great Manchester Run where I took 1:32 off my 10k PB.  Couldn’t believe it!
The road racing season was well underway by this point and I’d earlier done my first ever 5 mile race at Trotters 5 (another PB distance to note and beat later), plus competing in more fell runs, managing to start placing in my age category.  It was at about this time that Simon mentioned the Tour of Pendle as being ‘a good one’, more on that and Simon’s definition of ‘good’ later.
Lesson 8  Vaseline is for more than just toes. The next stand-out event of the year came in July with Thunder Run 24 hr relay which I expected to be ‘interesting’ but didn’t anticipate enjoying so much.  We quickly learned that lube in unmentionable places was a definite requirement though and the image of Chris ‘John Wayne’ Bennett is one I won’t forget in a hurry! Over the 24 hrs I managed five 10ks, including an unforgettable night run - the twisty bit in the trees was ace!  In 2015 we’ve entered 3 teams with several A&Ters in the group.
August was a fairly quiet month, but another first for me was taking part in the inter-club challenge which I really enjoyed as running is normally a solo event and being part of a team was great.  I also somehow managed a half marathon PB, although the records will show a certain David Sloan taking the honours.
Lesson 9  If you’re going to do a triathlon then learn to swim first.  September was all about taking part in my first triathlon in Wilmslow.  I had a bike and how hard can it be to swim 400m?  Well after inhaling half of the pool I managed to stagger out to the bike on jelly legs, got around the bike course without falling off and then dragged my carcass around the run course with legs feeling like something more jelly-like than jelly if that's possible.  All in all an enjoyable experience, but swimming lessons are a must, along with getting out on my bike a bit more.  Can probably shave about 5 minutes off my transition times too!  Objective 3 was completed though.  In September I also managed to knock another 40 seconds off my 10k time at Wigan which was an unexpected bonus.
The beautiful but tough Snowdonia Marathon followed in October, with Jon Hall obviously the most telegenic of the A&Ters taking part, appearing on screen no less than 3 times!  
November saw the Tour of Pendle loom on the horizon like a big loomy thing.  Partly a cheese-rolling event without the cheese to chase, part uphill crawl and part bog-snorkelling, I don’t know if anyone else has experienced cramp simultaneously in both calves whilst halfway up a 60 degree climb in the middle of nowhere but I don’t recommend it.  That aside though, the Tour was fantastic, I didn’t get (very) lost and so many thanks to the sadist who suggested I do it.  Hopefully I'll be able to make another attempt this year now that I know what it’s all about.
Decadent December has seen me do nothing except eat and drink, although the lessons of pacing, hydration and nutrition should have served me well on the A&T December night out.  Well I thought about them briefly anyway and then just leathered the ale and finished off with a kebab!
In short though I’ve learned and experienced a lot this year, made a lot of new friends and have really enjoyed it with the support of the Astley and Tyldesley Roadrunners for which I’m grateful. 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My 2014 by Mark Riches

Total mileage during 2014 was 2,147 which is a weekly average of 42 miles per week; 8% down on last year

·         Highest week w/c 02/06/14 (53 miles) – thanks to regular runs in the French sunshine
·         Lowest week w/c 30/12/13 (30 miles) – not a good start to 2014; one rest day planned but also had to take 2 additional rest days due to very bad cold and even missed the GM x-country Champs on Saturday 4 January at LSV

Training highlights during 2014 (apart from the various Club sessions)

·         Sunday 16/03/14 - nice run with Laura 10 miles along the canal at 07:03 average
·         W/c 24/03/14 – I was in Newcastle overnight with work and managed 2 very enjoyable runs along the Quayside. First one 8 miles early evening at 07:17 average and the second 6 miles before work at 07:03 average
·         W/c 07/04/14 – found a new 6 mile route near work completely by accident!
·         Late May / early June - a week of ‘warm weather training’ (& drinking of red wine) with my wife, Joanne, in France. Most days I ran 3 miles with Joanne followed by 6 miles with her cycling alongside me
·         Saturday 28/06/14 – I was in Birmingham for the British Champs (my daughter, Laura competing not me!) had a very enjoyable run around Perry Park and along the canal
·         W/c 30/06/14 – decided to take a full week off as I was very busy at work; might do this again next year!
·         Thursday 07/08/14 – Laura’s 21st and we ran 8 miles along the canal at 07:09 average; last run with her before she went to America
·         Wednesday 10/09/14 – in London overnight with work and had a great early evening run around the Serpentine in Hyde Park 
·         W/c 22/09/14 – in Scotland for a few days with work and managed 3 really enjoyable runs around Calderglen Country Park
·         Wednesday 15/10/14 – away with work again so did the scheduled ‘lamppost session’ along Newcastle Quayside!
·         Thursday 11/12/14 – lovely sightseeing run along the Thames with Joanne; we were in London for the RCSL AGM
·         W/c 22/12/14 – Laura home for Christmas; ran with her  Christmas Eve (8.5 miles at 07:10 average) Christmas Day (8.5 miles at 06:40 average) Boxing Day (8 miles group run with Leigh Harriers) - really struggled on Christmas Day!

Racing highlights during 2014

·         23/03/14 - GP half marathon; ran most of the way with Shaun Moran and Jon Hyde but managed to pull away with one mile to go and finish in a time of 1.30:36, which was not a bad time considering the conditions underfoot
·         31/08/14 – Pennington Flash 5 mile; finished in the top 20 which doesn’t happen very often and although Shaun pulled away towards the end, I was happy with my time of 30:23. Also I was 1st V50 and won a £20 Sweatshop voucher (Shaun was 1st V55)
·         14/09/14 – Blackleach 5 mile (30:41) this was a true run race with myself, Shaun, Simon Ford, James Cooke (Leigh) and Sean McMyler (Horwich) locked together for most of the race. We each tried to get away on a number of occasions but I managed to pull away with about 800m to go
·         28/09/14 – Swinton 10 mile; I hung on to Shaun for dear life all the way round and although he was too strong for me in the end I was rewarded with a lifetime best of 62:23
·         12/10/14 – GP5 (30:23) after losing out to Shaun at Swinton, I thought any chance of winning the Central Lancs Grand Prix (CLGP) V50 category had gone so I nearly didn’t run this race! I was very glad that I did as I finished 1st V50, got a bottle of wine as a prize and won the CLGP V50 category
·         28/11/14 – Liverpool x-country; was particularly pleased with how strong I felt on the last lap and managed a time of 38:26

In summary, the 2013/14 x-country season was a ‘write-off’ due to work getting in the way but I managed a 10 mile PB at the ripe old-age of 52. I also finished 2nd in the A&T Road Champs Veterans and Premiership (Tim Campbell won them both!) plus I won the V50 category in the CLGP

My 2014 articles wanted - by Mark Riches

Gary started this tradition a couple of years ago CLICK HERE

Please can you write a few words to summarise your 2014 and send them to

I really enjoy reading these and  it's great to look back when you are writing it

I will post my blog piece later today and look forward to reading everyone else's

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Turkey Trot Results

Course changed to 5k on grass due to severe ice on the trails

Results with handicap

1. Louise Simpson
2. Scott Priestley
3. Chris Bennett
4. Rachel Haslam
5. Gary Stevens
6. Ian Hamilton
7. Brendan Loughry
8. Josie Maley
9. Paul Basnett
10. Jason Revill
11. Neil Hughes
12. James Bentall
13. Tim Campbell
14. Shaun Moran
15. Ian Bushrod
16. Clare Unsworth
17. Tracy Loughry
18. Joan Cooke
19. Chris Scholes
20. Lynn Broylin
21. Steven Chadick
= Tracey Waterfall-Chadwick

Results without handicap

1. Tim Campbell 19.00
2. Neil Hughes 19.20
3. Shaun Moran 19.34
4. Chris Bennett 20.10
5. Brendan Loughry 20.24
6. Gary Stevens 20.39
= Josie Maley 20.39
8. Scott Priestley 21.42
9. James Bentall 21.54
= Suzanne Gregory 21.54
11. Chris Scholes 22.34
12. Louise Simpson 23.10
13. Paul Basnett 24.08
14. Ian Hamilton 24.20
15. Jason Revill 25.15
16. Rachel Haslam 25.30
17. Ian Bushrod 25.40
18. Joan Cooke 29.00
19. Clare Unsworth 29.15
20. Lynn Broylin 33.00 ?
21. Tracey Waterfall-Chadwick 34.30
22. Steve Chadwick 35.00

Thank you to David Sloan and Simon Ford for helping out on the day.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Turkey Trot Handicaps - Sunday 28th December

Below are the handicaps for the Turkey Trot.  Don't forget to bring a bottle/choccies/unwanted xmas gift for the prize fund.  1st runner back gets first choice of prizes, 2nd gets 2nd etc etc.
Don't forget your fancy dress!

Dave Sloan and Mrs S are timekeeping and setting everyone off on their handicap
Jane and Emma are doing a bit of marshaling and taking pics.

Please arrive at 9.45am latest .. first runners off at 10am.
The course is approx 6 miles (3 x 2 mile loops of Gin Pit)

0 - Emma Fletcher, Steve Chadwick, Jennie Western, Tracy Loughry, Clare Unsworth
1 min - Tracey Waterfall-Chadwick, Joan Cooke
3 mins - Vanessa Thomson, Lynn Broylin
4 mins - Rachel Haslam
6 mins - Jason Revill
7 mins - Louise Simpson, Bacon Mon, Ian Bushrod
8 mins - Paul Basnett,
12 mins - Scott Priestley
13 mins - James Bentall, Suzanne Gregory, Jackie Price
14 mins - Chris Bennett, Gary Stevens
15 mins - Brendan Loughry, Josie Maley
18 mins - Neil Hughes, Shaun Moran
19 mins - Tim Campbell

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Sunday 25th January 2015

I hereby give notice that the 2015 AGM will take place at Miners Welfare Institute, Gin Pit Village on Sunday 25th January starting at 20:00

The purpose of the Annual General Meeting will be:

Ø  to receive the Annual Reports of the Committee
Ø  receive the audited Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet
Ø  elect the Officers and Committee for the ensuing year
Ø  consider any amendments to the Constitution Rules of which due notice has been given to all members.

The Constitution is in the ‘committee’ section of the A&T website and can be viewed HERE

Any proposed change to any rule contained within this Constitution should be notified to Mark Riches as Club Secretary ( by Saturday 3th January in order that all members shall have sufficient notice of the proposal

Furthermore, if you wish to stand for any of the roles listed below; please notify Mark on the above email no later than Saturday 10th January

• Club Secretary
• Treasurer
• Road Captain
• Race Organiser
• Membership Secretary
• Tri Captain
• Head Coach (option to join committee)
• Fell Captain (option to join committee)
• Cross-country Captain (option to join committee)
• IT manager (non-committee)

Friday, 12 December 2014

Marl Pits X-country 06/12/14 - by Mark Riches

Marl Pits X-country 06/12/14 - by Mark Riches

11 A&T runners (4 ladies & 7 men) were brave enough to face this short but extremely challenging course. Amongst them was Malc Collins, who was making his debut for A&T on the country; he had heard the tales of previous Marl Pits races and in his own words “wanted to see what all the fuss was about.” After Tim Campbell had kindly agreed to take the A&T tent home after the race as I had to go straight to work, Dave Crowe and Tim made short work of putting it up with a little help from me!

The ladies course was only 4.7k but with the hills and mud this is probably the most difficult x-country any of us will ever do. Suzanne Gregory (24.29) was the first A&T finisher (again) pursued by Kim O’Neill (26.42) and Louise Simpson (28.29) with Clare Unsworth (35.57) completing the line-up – well done ladies

Next it was the turn of the men; 7.3k this time. Despite sliding down a number of hills on his backside, Lewis Eccleston finished 16th in a time of 31.51. Next A&T finisher was Tim with the run of the day just 20 seconds behind Lewis in a time of 32.11. Neil Hughes (34.00) is another who had a great run just getting the better of Simon Ford (34.36) Next it was yours truly, Mark Riches (37.08) I managed to stay on my feet this year but did a great impression of ‘Bambi on ice’ when tackling the downhill sections! Malc smiled his way round in 39.09 with Chris Bennett (43.53) completing the line-up – well done lads

Just before I left a made a comment about wishing that I had found my shoehorn before the race as my spike are really difficult to get on without it. This caused much merriment as most people didn’t know anyone who had a shoehorn ‘these days.’  I have done a bit of research and everything you need to know about shoehorns is here

Next race is 10 January 2015 at Burnley – see you there

Turkey Trot Start List (26/12)

Entries so far

Gary Stevens?
Shaun Moran
Anne McCarthy
Chris Bennett
Clare Unsworth
Suzanne Gregory
Rachel Haslam
Tim Campbell
Scott Priestley
James Bentall
Emma Fletcher
Josie Maley
Dave Sloan
Neil Hughes
Louise Simpson
Jason Revill
Paul Basnett
Ian Bushrod
Bacon Mon?
Lynn Broylin
Vanessa Thomson
Tracy Waterfall
Brendan Loughry
Tracy Loughry
Joanne Cooke
Jennie Western
Jackie Price
Steve Chadwick

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Road Race Calendar 2015 - work in progress!

Road Race Calendar 2015 - Work in Progress by Capt.Wiggins!

Now that we've got the CLGP races confirmed we are currently agreeing which races will be included in our road calendar for next year. We'll be including the Gin Pit half too and are trying to avoid key dates in the Tri calendar and other races we support as a club. Its not easy so don't go mad if we drop a clanger!

If there are any races you'd like to see included this year please contact Barb on facebook or email ( by early January so we can pull everything together and share with you at the AGM.

We also need to ensure runners are in the correct division please also submit your best 10k run time from 2014 (including the event and date) as above.

Thanks for your support, we're looking forward to a great 2015!

Friday, 5 December 2014

CLGP AGM Minutes

CLGP AGM minutes
Please find below the minutes from the recent CLGP AGM. Thanks to Emma Higgins for attending in my absence.
As we now have the confirmed CLGP races for 2015 Emma & I will put together the club races for the road section for 2015. If you have any suggestions for races you'd like to see included please get in touch and we'll consider these alongside some of the CLGP fixtures.
Please note the club's GP5 race will not be on the road calendar again this year in order that we can sufficiently marshall and organise the event to the same high standard as this year.

Apologies also I can't attach the file to this blinkin blogger site (I'm a techno ludite) so am cutting and pasting below.
Happy Reading
Barb x

Gin Pit 2nd December 2014

1.      Attendees

Mark Emmett (Chairman) – Radcliffe A.C.
Andrew Coates (Treasurer) –
Garry Baines (Secretary) -     
Steve Hart – Swinton R.C.                
Dave Waywell – Wesham Road Runners                  
Chris Greenall- Burnden Road Runners                    
Paul Jackson- Chorley AC & Tri
Paul Sedgwick – Burnden Road Runners     
Andrew Doyle – Bolton United Harriers
Paul Carroll – Wigan Phoenix R.C.
Stephen Symons – Manchester YMCA Harriers
Peter Ramsdale – Horwich RMI Harriers
Emma Higgins – Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners

Apologies for absence:-
Joe Galvin –Leigh Harriers
Barbara White – Astley & Tyldesley

2.      Minutes of the previous AGM
Minutes were accepted as correct.

3.      Matter Arising
i) With one additional race in the year’s competition total runners across all races increased to 1800 in 2014 compared to 1665 in 2013. The average numbers of runners per race remained the same.
ii) At the 2013 AGM Bolton proposed we consider the implementation of a handicapping system to ensure the competition remains interesting towards the end of the season and race numbers can be maintained. Andrew Doyle will outline how this could be implemented and will organise a “dummy” non-official league on this basis in 2015.
iii) Wesham has resigned from the competition in 2015. It was agreed that the minutes should officially include a vote of thanks to Dave Waywell, who has been very supportive throughout.
iv) Manchester YMCA will enter the competition for its second year. Stephen Symons indicated that participation should be much improved in 2105.

4.      Presentation of Accounts
In his annual report, the Treasurer announced a surplus of £348.67 for the year with a sum of £1284.38 currently showing as Cash in Hand.

5.      Election of Officials
The following officials were proposed, seconded and duly elected for the 2015 Season:

Mark Emmett (Chairman)
Garry Baines (Secretary)        
Andrew Coates (Treasurer)
 Chris Greenall (Results Co-ordinator)
 Steve Hart (Web-Site Co-ordinator)

The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer all announced that this would be their last season in office. Andrew Doyle of Bolton indicated an interest to take on the Secretary’s role and Paul Carroll of Wigan Phoenix the Chairman’s role as from the next AGM. Both will ghost the current incumbents throughout the 2015 season.
A suitable replacement for the Treasurer should be identified as soon as possible.

6.      Grand Prix Race Dates 2015

The following dates were confirmed for the 2015 season:-

15th February   Central Lancashire 5k (Bolton)
1st   March:      The Trotters 5              (Burnden)
12th  April:       Radcliffe 10km
13rd May:       Haigh Hall 4 mile (Wigan Phoenix)
17th June:         Horwich 5
5th August:      Chorley 4.4 Trail
30th August:    Pennington Flash 5 mile trail race (Leigh Harriers)
13th September: Blackleach 5 mile trail race (Manchester YMCA)
27th September: Swinton 10 *
11th October:   Gin Pit 5 (A&T)

*The Swinton 10 race may be subject to change regarding the distance at a later date.

a). Members from competing CLGP clubs will be allowed to enter races at no extra charge on the day of the race, provided the race is not full. It is the duty of the runner to establish the identity of his club in the event of any disputes.
b). Clubs are encouraged to include that their individual race is part of the Central Lancashire Grand Prix on their Entry Form.

7.      Levy Fees
It was voted that levy fees remain unaltered for 2015.
A levy of £0.50 per CLGP runner will be charged in the 2015 season.
In subsequent years should a club be accepted to join the competition but is unable to host a race; an annual fee of £25 will be charged for payment before the first race.
Should a club wish to nominate a race under its Directorship for inclusion in the CLGP Race Calendar but not enter the competition itself, a fee of £100 will be charged, for payment before the race date if the proposal is accepted.

8.      Rules of the Competition.
The rules of the competition were considered satisfactory and only the number of races held was altered for 2015 with one additional condition(see xiii below).

  (i)        10 runners irrespective of gender to count in ‘A’ team
            (ii)        8 runners irrespective of gender to count in ‘B’ team
            (iii)       6 runners irrespective of gender to count in Vets team
            (iv)       4 runners to count in Ladies team
(v)        Races to be held in 2015 – 10
(vi)       Best 7 out of 10 races to count for individual prizes. This was agreed by member clubs with an intention to review it at the 2014 AGM.
(vii)      In the event of 8 races being held in subsequent years, best 6 out of 8 races to count for individual prizes
In the event of 9 races being held, best 6 out of 9 races to count.
In the event of 11 races being held, best 7 out of 11 races to count.
            (vii)      Team result – worst race to be discarded
(viii)     Vet categories to start at V40 for Men and L35 for Ladies. Each category to cover a 5 year period.
(ix)       Entry on the day – no extra charge to CLGP runners. Race organisers should inform other CLGP members clubs if the race is getting close to being fully subscribed.
            It is the responsibility of the individual runners to inform the race organiser of their CLGP status.
(x)        Runners cannot compete for more than one club in the Grand Prix in the same season. Results will only count for the first claimed club.
(xi)       Runners will retain the Age Category in which they complete their own first race in the competition throughout its duration.
(xii)      Clubs must stipulate that all competing athletes wear club colours, save for exceptional circumstances.
(xiii)     Minimum age of competing runners is set at 16 years.

Host clubs are required to e-mail the results of their races to Chris Greenall as soon as possible after the race.

Results will be circulated and published on the CLGP web-site as soon as possible after the race.
Clubs are encouraged to publich up-dated results to their members.

9.      Prizes
Team trophies for best A’ team, best ‘B’ team, best Veterans team and best Ladies Team will be awarded.

Individual trophies will be awarded for first 5 men and ladies. 1st and 2nd male and lady vets in each category. 

Male vet categories start at V40 and Lady vet categories at L35. Winners and
runners-up prizes in each category will be awarded.

An additional category for U20s will be added in 2015. Separate prizes will
be awarded to qualifying male and female athletes. Again winners and
runners-up prizes will be awarded.

In the event of a tie for a final position after the last race of the season, no count back procedure will apply and identical trophies will be awarded to all competitors who finish on the same number of points.

In addition it was agreed that mementos be given to those runners who complete 9 out of the 10 series races.

10.  Prize Presentation

The prize presentation will take place on 20th November 2015 and will be hosted by Horwich RMI Harriers.

Each participating club will, in rotation, undertake to host the prize presentation. The host club will fund the event and recoup any out of pocket expenses through an admission fee.
It was agreed that the following clubs should host the event for the next 3 years:-

2015: Horwich RMI Harriers
2016: Swinton Running Club
2017: Burnden Road Runners

The host club for 2018 will be elected at the 2015 AGM.

11.  Surplus of CLGP funds
It was recognised that the competition is building funds surplus to what is needed to run the competition.
A levy fee holiday for clubs was one idea which was muted.
However the general consensus was that any surplus should be awarded to those people who make the competition work so well i.e. the runners. The additional prizes for 2015 were agreed as part of this action.
Further discussion will take place at the next AGM.

12.  Suggested Date of the next meeting
The Secretary suggested Tuesday 1st December 2015 commencing 7.30p.m.
Venue to be confirmed.

13.  Any other Business
It was noted that England Athletics had reduced the minimum permitted ages for entering road races to the following levels:-
5k – 11 and 12 year olds
6k – 13 and 14 year olds
10k -15 year old
10mile – 16year old

It was stressed, however, that the implementation of these new age limits was entirely at the discretion of host clubs, having taken all risk assessments into consideration.

Meeting closed at 9.15p.m.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hi all,

Just a quick message to say thank you for my Runner of the Year award at last Saturday's presentation evening. Sorry I couldn't be there. Hope you had a great time. I've heard lots of good reports!


Suzanne :)

A&T x-country - by Mark Riches

The sixth race in this year’s x-country champs is this Saturday (6 Dec) at Marl Pits Rossendale - Sat Nav: BB4 7SN
This is the last Red Rose race and I have entered those people who raced on the country last year plus anyone who didn't race last year but asked to be entered. Please wear the number you wore at LSV, Chorley and/or Bolton or come & find me on Saturday, just look for the A&T flag, and I will give you your number (in exchange for £5!) 
If you have not been entered you can still enter on the day but, for Red Rose only, will have to go to registration and pay £6 to get a number
Start times - ladies 1:35 pm & men 2:15 pm
Course map is on the website
If you need clarification on anything before Saturday, I can be contacted on

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dates for your diary

2015 - AGM - Sunday 25th January

2015 - Xmas do - Saturday 5th December

A&T X-country Liverpool 29/11/14 – by Mark Riches

As usual this Mid Lancs fixture was held in conjunction with the British Athletics Cross Challenge, which means we get to run with Britain’s best runners like this year’s ladies winner Gemma Steel pictured above, who completed the 8.1k course in an amazing 26.58

10 A&T runners made the 45 minute journey to Liverpool this year. It was a very mild afternoon and the conditions underfoot were good. We were ‘without tent’ but with the A&F flag flying proudly once again at Sefton Park and the numbers/chips distributed it was race time!

The 3 A&T ladies Linda Whittaker, Claire Matchwick and Kim O’Neill were the first to tackle the 8.1k course. It was a very big field (225 finishers) and Linda (37.03) was 1st A&T finisher. Followed by Claire (tba) and Kim (39.56) – well done ladies

Next it was the turn of the men (9.8K this time) to tackle this fast flat course along with 500+ others. Simon Ford (37.41) was 1st A&T finisher. Graham Rands and Neil Hughes were having a great battle behind Simon with Graham just getting the nod 38:05 / 38:14. Next it was yours truly (Mark Riches) in a time of 38.26, having adjusted by race plan a few times mid race – plan A just stick with Neil / plan B just stick with Graham / plan C keep Simon behind me to get maximum vet points / plan D try not to let anymore A&T vests pass me! Shaun Moran (40.01) after his customary steady start managed to finish strongly with Scott Priestley (45.10) and Craig Bradbury (47.20) completing the line-up – well done lads

After the customary handshakes we did a short warm-down before heading home to get our ‘glad-rags’ on for the A&T presentation night

Next race Saturday 6 December at Rossendale – see you all there

Monday, 1 December 2014

Turkey Trot Start List (01/12)

Entries so far

Gary Stevens?
Anne McCarthy
Chris Bennett
Clare Unsworth
Suzanne Gregory
Rachel Haslam
Mike Geoghegan
Tim Campbell
Scott Priestley
James Bentall
Dave Sloan
Neil Hughes
Emma Fletcher
Louise Simpson
Mark Riches
Paul Basnett
Bacon Mon?
Lynn Broylin
Vanessa Thomson
Tracy Waterfall
Brendan Loughry
Tracy Loughry
Joanne Cooke
Jennie Western
Jackie Price
Steve Chadwick

Turkey Trot Reminder

Turkey Trot Double Trouble - Sunday 28th December


AM - The Race!

I have volunteered to help organise the Turkey Trot on Sunday 28th December.  This year we are doing approx 6 miles, but will incorporate 3 x 2 mile loops to make it easier 'not to get lost' and also make it more fun for the spectators who want to watch the race.

This is done on a handicap basis with the slowest runner off first and the fastest runner off last, so anyone has a chance of winning. 

Fancy dress is encouraged as it adds to the fun of the event.

Anyone can take part, only condition is you bring something for the prize fund which can be a bottle, chocolates/unwanted xmas gift etc.  Whoever wins the event gets first pick of the prizes, 2nd gets second pick etc etc.

Normally this event is very popular, if you would like to take part please email me or facebook me.

I would like everyone there for 9.30am, with the first runner starting at 10am.

PM - The Drink!

Later we are meeting at the Thomas Burke in Leigh 7pm for a few (okay a lot!) drinks in Leigh's finest drinking establishments.

Everyone welcome.

Gary S