Thursday, 6 November 2014

A&T x-country - by Mark Riches

The third race in this year’s x-country champs is this Saturday (8 Nov) at Chorley

I got this message about parking from the organiser - "Can I ask everyone to please park in Chorley town centre not at Astley Village . The use of this venue will be in doubt if the Astley Village car park is used following complaints last year, and the council will be watching this year. Parking for officials and TENT CARRIERS ONLY, please do not abuse this, will be at the primary school, as per last year St Laurences Highfield Road Chorley PR7 1RB. Athletes are requested to park in Chorley Town Centre at Queens Road car park, PR7 1JX and at Flat Iron car park PR7 1AY. It is at least a 15 minute walk to the start from these car parks. I will be taking new entries at the cafe, near start and finish, as per last year."
This is a Red Rose race and I have entered those people who raced on the country last year plus anyone who didn’t race last year but asked to be entered. Please wear the number you wore at LSV or come & find me on Saturday, just look for the A&T flag, and I will give you your number (in exchange for £5!) which you should wear at all Red Rose races

If you have not been entered you can still enter on the day but, for Red Rose only, will have to go to registration and pay £6 to get a number

Start times - ladies 1:35 pm & men 2:15 pm

Course map is on the website

If you need clarification on anything before Saturday, I can be contacted on

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