Monday, 13 October 2014

Turkey Trot Double Trouble - Sunday 28th December


AM - The Race!

I have volunteered to help organise the Turkey Trot on Sunday 28th December.  This year we are doing approx 6 miles, but will incorporate 3 x 2 mile loops to make it easier 'not to get lost' and also make it more fun for the spectators who want to watch the race.

This is done on a handicap basis with the slowest runner off first and the fastest runner off last, so anyone has a chance of winning. 

Fancy dress is encouraged as it adds to the fun of the event.

Anyone can take part, only condition is you bring something for the prize fund which can be a bottle, chocolates/unwanted xmas gift etc.  Whoever wins the event gets first pick of the prizes, 2nd gets second pick etc etc.

Normally this event is very popular, if you would like to take part please email me or facebook me.

I would like everyone there for 9.30am, with the first runner starting at 10am.

PM - The Drink!

Later we are meeting at the Thomas Burke in Leigh 7pm for a few (okay a lot!) drinks in Leigh's finest drinking establishments.

Everyone welcome.

Gary S

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