Saturday, 4 October 2014

A&T Gin Pit 5 - Get Ready for the our club race

Hi All

I have listed below all the volunteers who have offered. I have placed times of when we need people here at the club. Also bags and signs are ready (A big thanks to Neil Hodgson)

 I have just picked up some goodies for the finishers bags, so looks like it is coming together
Here is the volunteer table with times - if your name is not down but still want to help please turn up and find myself or Jon Hall and we will find you a job

Volunteers Required Time required
1 Lead Marshal Craig Bradbury 8:30am
2 Marshal Chris Scoles 9:30 -10:15a
3 Marshal Josey M 9:30 -10:15a
4 Marshal Joan Cooke 9:30 -10:15a
5 Marshal Chris Whittaker 9:30 -10:15a
6 Marshal Louise S 9:30 -10:15a
7 Marshal Emma Higgins 9:30 -10:15a
8 Marshal Carol Baines 9:30 -10:15a
9 Marshal Carol Mills 9:30 -10:15a
10 Marshal Chris Bennett 9:30 -10:15a
11 Set up Course James Bentall 8:30am
12 Set up Course Jon Hall 8:30am
13 Set up Course Shaun Morun/Craig Bradbury 8:30am
14 Time Keepers James Bentall 8:30am
15 Time Keepers Jon Hall 8:30am
18 Race Starter Andy Coates 9:30am
19 Registration (can also race) Terry Gardner 9am
20 Registration (can also race) Gary Stevens 9am
21 Registration (can also race) Barbs White 9am
22 Car Park (can also race) Gary Baines 9am
23 Car Park (can also race) Tim  9am
24 Presentation  James Bentall and Jon Hall 8:30am
25 Water Station Lynn Boylin 10am
26 Cyclist lead runners Chris Bennett 9:30am
27 Person to hand out medals Jack Egan (my Step Son) 9:30am

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