Thursday, 18 September 2014

X-country 2014-15 (options) – by Mark Riches

X-country 2014-15 (options) by Mark Riches
My earlier post refers HERE
I have now received confirmation of 3 SEL races as below
Saturday 17 January 2015 LSV
Saturday 31 January 2015 Heaton Park
Saturday 28 February 2015 Boggart Hole
In order to keep all the races local, I can replace the last 2 Mid Lancs races (Blackpool & Lancaster) with these SEL races & make the Champs best 7 from 10 but…
We have to pay £5 per runner (for all 3 races) no later than 30 November so I will names and money before then
We can discuss further at the meeting on Sunday 28 September but if you feel strongly either way, please email me

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