Monday, 22 September 2014

Blackleach 5 mile race report by Capt. Wiggins

The Sunday morning nip in the air did not deter the 21 A&T runners attending the 9th and penultimate race of the A&T road race season.

With the sun just starting to slowly warm the field of hasty runners with some looking for their final points the blue vests finally congregated at this diamond in the rough location that many local runners said they didnt even know existed, and others whose sat navs took them on a scenic tour tricking them into believing it was further afield! Runners gathered on the trails hoping for a downhill start but then had to turn around and those of us at the back realised we were now at the front so scurried to a safer starting position. Following the race brief all 188 runners headed off round the 2 loops of the blackleach country park (yes it did say one loop on the advertised info but never mind)with the majority of the route over the trails with some sneaky little gymkhana jumps thrown in there (hope no one tripped!) but it was nice and dry underfoot and some great times were recorded.

Tim Campbell was the first man back, in 29:26 with Mark Riches following in 30:41, Shaun Moran 3rd man in, in 30:55 with Simon Ford 31:39, Neil Hughes 31:42 and Gary Stevens crossing the finish in 32:00. Well done gents.!
First home for the ladies and 2nd female overall was Josie Maley speeding in, in 32:48. Well done!

Ian Newcombe was next to finish in 33:11, with Chris Scholes in 34:02 and Chris Bennett in 34:37.
With James Bentall completing in 35:21, followed by our 2nd lady home, Suzanne Gregory in 35:44, Gary Baines finishing in 35:57 with Carole Baines crossing in 37:19. Paul back on track Basnett did 39:43 well done!
Ian Bushrod had a blinder and earned himself our runner of the day prize finished in 40:19 knocking almost 2 minutes off his 5 mile distance (comparing all 3 club champs races) well deserved Ian. Louise Simpson was hot on Ian's heels in 40:20. With Michael Geoghegan striding home in 40:42, next to finish was Jane Eccleston and still motoring, ran home in 42:03 with Barb in at 43:18, Vanessa Thomson followed in 44:15 and finally bringing in the rear Emma Higgins in 44:57.
A material bag and chocolates were on hand for all finishers, and a fab prize of £30 Debenhams vouchers for our 2nd lady Josie! A huge well done all runners.

The Final race of the CLGP is Swinton 10 on Sunday 28th let's hope we have plenty blue vests out for the grand finale!

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GarryB said...

Final race of the CLGP is actually the Gin Pit 5 on 12th October. Be good to see all our members either racing or helping out.