Friday, 27 June 2014

Monday Training

Thanks to Dave Sloan for putting the track schedule together.

Week 14 - 7/7 
Whistle pace test (out & back a'la Simon Ford)
Week 15 - 14/7
10x 200, 200 active recovery (2 sets of 4 as alternative); 6x 100, 100 active recovery; 6x 50m, 150 active recovery.

Week 16 - 21/7
6x 800, 200 float recovery (5 as alternative)

Week 17 - 28/7
20x 60m, 140 active recovery.

Week 18 - 4/8
10x 600, 200 float recovery (2 sets of 4 alternative)

Week 19 11/8
4x 1-Mile, 400 active recovery.

Week 20 - 18/8
8x 100, 100 active recovery; 4x 200, 200 active recovery; 2x 400, 200 active recovery.

Week 21 - 25/8
Bank Holiday

Trail Marathon Wales 22nd June 2014

Trail Marathon Wales 22nd June 2014

It’s my second year at this event and I’m becoming really fond of it. The course is set in the Coen y Brenin forest in Snowdonia, is very hilly and tough with 3500ft of climb but unlike Scafell last week, it isn’t rocky and the trails are very runnable. There are no particular high peaks but lots of big ups and downs through mile upon mile of beautiful forest. I absolutely love running through trees, making this challenging course like heaven for me.

We cross over a river several times, it’s spectacular as it crashes over large moss covered rocks and winds through the trees. As the course has lots of twists and turns I’m not sure whether it is just one river we keep crossing or there are more than one but to me it doesn’t matter, I just love all the scenery.

The only down side to the race are the millions of midges, flying round and annoying you. Last year the weather was much cooler and they weren’t a problem but this year in the sunshine and very warm air, they were out in force. I couldn’t believe it but some of the marshals were wearing hats with mesh vales to keep the midges out. Once out running they didn’t cause too much of a problem apart from sticking to your sweaty skin. Note to self, if I run here next year bring insect replant spray.

The route of the race this year had changed a lot from 2013 mainly due to the bad storms over the winter bringing down lots of trees and seriously affecting the trails through the forest. This year was basically a figure 8.

I ran part of the first half in the fine company of an ex-soldier, sergeant James, raising money for charity and on his first marathon. I finished the first half in 1:56 which was well on target for the sub 4 hours which I was after. As usual the second half is always harder and I had to push myself a bit to keep under my 4 hour goal and was very pleased to finish in 3 hour 56 minutes 30 seconds.

For anyone out there reading this, who likes running under tree cover, this is a must (and there is a half option) and I do hope to be back here again soon.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Monday & Wednesday Training

Over the past number of months Monday and Wednesday sessions have been declining in numbers.  Yesterday at efforts, only two people turned up.  At the track only 6 turned up.  
As a club we would like to know what we can do to increase numbers.  If anyone has any ideas please could you email Mark Riches 
or any other committee member who can discuss your comments.

  1. are you happy with day & time of club training session(s)that you usually attend
  2.  are you happy with location of club training session(s) that you usually attend
  3. anything you would change

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Sunday 22nd June 2014 Located just north of Preston, Freckleton is a beautiful area and this year was the 50th anniversary of the event. It was clearly signposted, with car parking attendants and free parking in a local field. The atmosphere was electric with multiple stalls selling baked goods. It was also very friendly orientated with a fun run for children. The main race itself started at 2pm and meandered around the villages and countryside of the area. Thankfully there were water stations with showers and sponges every 2.5 miles. Surprisingly, not one toilet on the course!

The course was predominantly flat so I would imagine an opportunity to obtain a PB if it wasn't for the heat.
Post race goodies included a medal, banana, water, tea, orange juice and a towel. Lovely feel to the event and one which I will definitely be doing next year. I would encourage fellow A&T'ers to give it a go. Gemma Lysycia

Eddies Revenge Fell Race

I am proper on it this time. A FULL 2 DAYS NOTIFICATION  OF THE NEXT FELL RACE!

The details are as follows

  • Date & time: Wed 25th Jun 2014 at 19:30
  • Country: England
  • Region: South/West Pennines
  • Category: AS
  • Website:
  • Distance: 6.1km / 3.8m
  • Climb: 323m / 1060ft
  • Venue: St Saviours Church, Buckstones Rd, Shaw, OL2 8NB
  • Grid ref: SD999232
  • Skills & experience: PM
  • Minimum age: 16
Not as hard as it sounds, not navigational experience needed for this unless your sat nav is broke!
Let's have good turn out for this one, see you on the fells!


Simon Ford

Monday, 23 June 2014

Lions Bridge Half Marathon

I know the Gill Pimblott race is a club champs race but are there any A&Ter's out there fancying the Lions Bridge Half on the same day? Entries are available online for both races from the A&T Blog.

Kitzbuhel Triathlon by Lewis Eccleston

There were some fast people in the swim and I knew all I had to do was to try and get into a pack of swimmers to help drag me through. I came out of the water in around 15th position out of 36 - which is what I expected. The run from the water to T1 was almost a quarter of a mile.
Going out onto the bike course I new I had a lot of work to do, there were 3 hills similar to (Fox Holes) for you who know it! I managed to push hard down the first hill over taking about half of the people in front of me. By this point I had found my cycling legs and was feeling very strong and was picking people of. As I got to the top of my last climb it just started to rain I knew this would be bad for the people behind me - I later found out 4 people from my wave had been rushed to hospital from a crashing. I got down safely from the climb before the rain affected me and then had a gradual 2-3 mile up hill all the way into T2 - coming into T2 I felt strong but had no idea what position I was in.
As I was leaving T2 was told that I was in 5th and straight away I over took an Austrian!!!! These men are very strong athletes! This put me in 4th place and in the distance I could see the 3rd place athlete about 100 meter away. I was pushing hard and trying to chase the Bulgarian down but he didn't seem to get any closer I also had an Irish athlete behind chasing me. The last mile and a Half was flat and this is where I managed to reel him in a bit. I finally caught him with about 300 meters to go.
I tucked in behind him for a few seconds to try and catch my breath, I moved In front of him to go at my pace and and then he tried pushing on again to get away, I decided there was no way he was pushing me of podium now after all I had done so I gave one final kick with 100 meter to go and he just gave up it was a good job he did because I had nothing left in the tank !
3rd place in kitzbuhel was a massive achievement for me as it had been my main focus all year thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Kitzbuhel Triathlon Update

Big congratulations to Lewis Eccleston and Alex Foster for finishing 3rd and 5th in their respective categories in Kitzbuhel, Austria this morning.
As a club we are very proud of these two great athletes. They both train very hard and dedicate themselves to the sport which enables them to achieve these type of results.
Well done from everyone involved at A&T.

Race reports to follow in due course.

New Club Website

If you didn't already know James is currently working on a new club website which should be finished in the next few days.  It's the same website address as the old one ..

Thanks James for all your hard work!

Next Meeting - Sunday 3rd August

Date for your diary

The next club meeting will be at the Gin Pit on Sunday 3rd August .. kick off 8pm!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Gill Pimblott and Lions Bridge Race Day

Gill Pimblott and Lions Bridge Race Day

This year the Gill Pimblott Memorial Race will be held on 20th July at 11am.
It will be the same 4.4 mile 1 lap course as last year around the Gin Pit trails and Lilford Park, starting and finishing outside the Gin Pit Welfare Club.
Entry is available online by Paypal via the A&T Blog for £6 or on the day for £5. On the day, entries will be taken from 10am until the start of the race at 11am. We ask that you don’t turn up at the last minute so we have a chance to register everyone.

The race this year is part of the A&T Road Champs, even though the course is virtually all on trails.

It is going to be held in conjunction with the Lions Bridge Trail Marathon and Half Marathon.
The marathon being 6 laps of the same course and the half 3 laps.
For these 2 races places are strictly limited to 50 in total.
These two races are PRE-ENTRY only.
Start time for these two races is 10am with registration to collect your race number from 9am.
There will be no entries on the day for either of these 2 races.

For the Half Marathon you can enter online using Paypal via the A&T Blog or by completing and posting an entry form with a cheque, available from the link below:-

For the Full Marathon you can again enter online or by completing or by posting an entry form with a cheque. All information on how to do both of these is available at the following link:-

There will be bespoke Lions Bridge Medals for all finishers in both of these two races.

This is also the day of the Bolton Ironman with some A&Ter’s taking part so for anyone wishing to support our Ironmen there will still be time to see them swim before our races or watch them bike and run afterwards.

Pennington Flash Tri by Ian Bushrod

Pennington Flash Tri 15th June, Awoke at around 04:00 to have my usual pre-event tin of beef Ravioli and a cup of coffee. Left the house a little early 05:15 due to the fact that a notice had been given the day before saying that the main car park would not be open as the field that was going to be used next to the event had not been cleared Transition opened at 06:00 and I racked my bike and laid out bike shoes, putting my socks in the shoes as last time I forgot to get them ready, with my running shoes Tri belt and bike hat ready I made my way to the race brief. because of the issue of parking all races where delayed by around 15 min. eventually we started the swim (750 meters) a long way and a long time in the water for a poor swimmer like me, 24:40 min/sec later I managed to crawl out of the water and my way into the transition area, After struggling to remove my wet suit, putting my hat on and then my socks then to my horror I found that the ratchet that fastens the bike shoes had jammed making it impossible to put my shoe on and what seemed a eternity and shouts from my other half to calm down and take my time I finally freed of the shoe. With shoes on I grabbed my bike and went to the bike mount line. After about 100 meters realised that I had not put my race number on, no turning back. The road section was on the whole ok but a little frustrating as had to stop at traffic lights on a number of occasions (stop time was noted by marshals and was deducted from the bike time at the end. next year I have been told that the event organisers are hoping to have bike lanes at the lights. As I get near to the right hand bend at the end of the first lap everyone was being told to slow down on approach to the bend. I was later told that around 5 people had come off their bikes and one person had to go to hospital for stitches. Bike time 34:23 min/sec The run was a 5 k single loop around the lake, slightly undulating a few hurdles and section of about 300 meters that was very narrow where no-one could pass, completed run in 24:55.55 min/sec. Over all I enjoyed the event and hope to enter next year. I did hear a few people say it was not well organised and yes it could have been better, but for the first Tri event I thought it was ok.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Road Race 6 - Horwich 5 miler

The next race of our club champs series is the Horwich 5 on Wednesday 18th June. Looking forward to seeing a good turn out again this year - I'll be there to cheer you on but out of action due to injury (is this the curse of road captaincy Baron?) 
This is a CLGP race so you can enter on the night but don't leave it too late.
The race starts at 7.30pm from Horrobin Lane - see you all there!
Barb x

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hendon Brook Half Marathon(ish) 15th June 2014 by Cath Hodgetts

This was was suggested by a friend from another Club who has run it before. They did warn me it was a tough one (especially mile 11 but they told me that AFTER I entered!).
It was actually advertised as 13.5 mile but measured on my watch somewhere between 13.1 and 13.5 miles.
I got there in plenty of time with only a vague idea of what was in store for me on the route (what's new?). The weather was drizzly and muggy. By the time I had collected my number, found the start and done all the usual pre-race route the drizzle had stopped and we had a dry start to the race.
The first half or so mile is down hill so a nice warm up. We were warned by the race organisers not to go off like idiots (translated this means too fast) at the beginning or we would suffer on the hill coming up to around the 1 mile point. Well I never go off too fast me (yeah right I hear people say). I took heed of this warning and just enjoyed the easy start as I knew that this wasn’t going to be pretty or easy.
The first 3ish miles went in a slow plod of ups and ups with a few down hills. At somewhere between, I think, 3-4 miles there was a nice little stream to get over with stepping stones. Easy to get past yes? No not for my feet! I should have stopped to walk this a bit sooner than I did. I took one step onto the slippery cobbles that were the stream bed and promptly fell on my face and yes there were people about who witnessed this messy sight (I told you it wasn’t pretty). I banged by ankle bone on the stones and my ankle from then on decided to do some pay back by swelling up and generally complaining occasionally. All is well now apart from slight bruising and a bit of swelling which will go down in time.
Anyway from here on in with people passing me I was convinced that I was going to come in last so may as well just enjoy the scenery and get on with just plodding round. After the first half of the race was completed there were some decent down hill sections. Some of them were as steep as the up hills, but think there were only a couple that I needed to take easy and slow down on.
Then came the dreaded hill at 11 miles. Hill? What hill? I thought. I see a great big mountain to get up but no “hill”. With tired legs, tired mind and tired everything else that's how it looked. I staggered up it best I could. Once finally at the top I thought I couldn't find any more energy to keep on going. I still had about a mile and half to go and my legs were saying stop and rest, walk, anything but run. I talked them round by thinking that the worse is done, this race hasn’t beaten me yet and more importantly most of the route that was left is down hill.
Well I got to the finish line eventually. I wasn’t last much to my surprise, OK I only had about 3 runners behind me but that doesn’t matter. Even being last doesn't matter, what matters is I did it, I finished and more importantly I definitely didn’t give up even though my body wanted to rest.
The clock read 2 hrs 28 and some seconds which I didn’t notice when I crossed the finish line, my watch read 2 hrs 28 mins and 11 seconds. I’m happy with that time as I was estimating between 2 hrs 15 and 2 hrs 30 so I was spot on there. Not seen the official results yet.
Anyone who is thinking about doing this race bear in mind the following – it is extremely hilly, its not a PB course, its hilly, its tough, it has lots of up hills (being hilly) but there are great views when you actually get to look round you and if you happen to like golf (I don’t by the way) it starts near the golf course, oh and did I say its HILLY!!!

Scafell Pike Marathon by David Sloan

There are 3 reasons for me not getting a race report published on the A&T blog before today;
1) I usually leave it too late and somebody beats me to it;
2) My memory for specifics is terrible at times, and;
3) Tim Campbell is just too bloody good at it!

So, with the absence of Tim 'the wordsmith' Campbell and an hour to kill waiting for Claire (Matchwick) to finish her 'jolly' on the 3-peaks, I thought I'd endeavour to give it a go.....

For those who don't already know, a few months ago I signed up for the challenge of the scafell pike marathon and Malc Collins, in his ultimate wisdom, thought it would be a good idea to tag along and get another marathon under his belt, it turned out not to be just another day at the office for our marathon addict and his under-study...

The day started of as you would expect with two blokes organising anything, we didn't speak in the days leading up to the race and subsequently went in separate cars from the same place, to the same place and back again!

So we finally find each other on the start-line, booking in was easy enough, the other athletes all seemed friendly and the warm-up of a mile to the start line meant that I nearly missed the gun, but thankfully not.

I won't bore you with a mile-by-mile review of the race, but what I will say is that this is not a race, not for us normal (term used loosely) human beings, there were a handful of amazing athletes competing for the top spot, but most others were just there for the journey, or adventure - which is how I would categorise this event.

As you would expect from a Mountain Marathon, there were a lot of hills, but it was surprising to find out that the down-hill sections were just as tough and slow as their opposite counterparts!

The location was spectacular, which attributed to Mr Collins spending most of his day snapping photos of the panoramic views. If I didn't have to keep an eye on my footing for 80% of the route I would have been taking it all in myself.

So, going up Scafell Pike. We took the scenic (corridor) route, which I am told is the toughest path, which took us from Keswick, through the villages of Borrowdale and Seathwaite, up to sty head, straight through to the summit and then back around to take in Ill Crag and Great End (for those who know the area).

Coming back into Keswick it started to get mentally tough, the weather was warm with no breeze and our legs were in a place they had never been before (literally and figuratively), with 18 miles down and over 4hrs on the clock.
As is standard for me on these intrepid events: when thing get tough, Dave gets walking! And I would say this was the case for around 50% of the last 9 miles.

As for Malc, he soldiered on and left me in his wake, finishing in a blistering 6:04!

I plodded in 6 minutes later, never happier to see a finish line and licking my wounds from the 27.5, yes, 27.5 miles I had endured.

Upon reflection I would say that it is not for the feint-hearted, but with an open mind and a love of outdoors I can't think of a better challenge. Malc did admit to it being his toughest marathon to date which I thing means a lot!!

Will I do it again? Challenge me and see what happens, but you have to do it too.

Them is the rules ;)

David Sloan

Friday, 13 June 2014


Following my post earlier in the week regarding track fees.  The fee is actually £3.00 and not £2.00 as per my original post.  Non-members will not be allowed to use the track from now on unless the fee is paid prior to the training session.  This is a perk of being a member of the club!!

Please pay the fee to Dave, Gary or Mark.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Track Fees

Although we don't want to discourage anyone coming to the track on Monday's, it is only free to fully paid up members only.  Non-Members are more than welcome to use the track but would have to pay the £2.00 which is the fee set by Leigh Harriers to us.

Please pay either Dave, Gary or Mark.

We will be monitoring this situation going forward.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Track 5K Results

Well done everyone who turned out tonight for 12.5 relentless laps of the track!

Here's the results:

Tim Campbell - 18.08
Gary Stevens - 18.22
Dave Sloan - 18.32
Mark Riches - 18.35
Jordon Pearson - 20.40
Chris Bennett - 20.59
Jackie Price - 21.16
Kath Pearson - 21.59
Paul Beardsworth - 22.28
Louise Simpson - 23.00
Claire Matchwick - 23.09
Mike Geoghegan - 23.54
Vanessa Thomson - 25.57
Jo - 26.20

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Hendersons End Fell Race - Thursday 5th June

Ok guys, I'll be honest I nearly forgot about this one. Juggling to many balls at the moment!
The details are
Date & time: Thu 5th Jun 2014 at 19:30
Country: England
Region: South/West Pennines
Category: BS
Distance: 9.4km / 5.8m
Climb: 300m / 984ft
Venue: Rivington Hall Barn.
Grid ref: SD634145
Skills & experience: PM, LK
Minimum age: 16

Sorry about the short notice but cancel everything and get it done its a cracker!
See you on the fells
Simon ( worlds worst fell captain)

Monday, 2 June 2014

Track 5k Monday 9th June

We are looking for a couple of volunteer timekeepers for next weeks track 5k at LSV, just to count laps (12 1/2 of them!) and take times at the end. 

Also if you planning on taking part could you please let us know so we have an idea of numbers.

Please facebook or email David Sloan on

Sunday, 1 June 2014

A&T Parkrunners update!

Well done to all A&T parkrunners who've been out and about during the past two weeks. Just one PB to report - congratulations to Karen Morris who improved her parkrun time by almost a minute, well done Karen!

24th May
Pennington Flash
Ian Hamilton - 24.01
Paul Basnett - 28.09
Cath Hodgetts - 28.21
Karen Morris - 29.36
Worsley Woods
Mike Geoghegan - 24.05

31st May
Pennington Flash
Dave Sloan - 21.53
Scott Priestley - 22.33
Chris Bennett - 22.44
Ian Hamilton - 24.01
Cath Hodgetts - 27.37
Dave Capner - 31.35
Louise Simpson - 37.31
Karen Morris - 28.41
Worsley Woods
Mike Geoghegan - 23.38

Current Parkrun standings