Friday, 9 May 2014

Gill Pimblott memorial race 2014 by Mark Riches

At the recent club meeting, Malc mentioned that he is organising the Lions Bridge Marathon again on Sunday 20 July (6 loops of the trail) and may offer a half marathon at the same time
It has been agreed, that we will again incorporate the Gill Pimblott memorial race (1 loop which is just over 4 miles)
Also this year Gill’s race is part of the club champs
For all the new members out there, Gill was associated with the Club soon after its inception. She lost her battle with cancer over 10 years ago and it was in her memory that the Club hosted its first ever race ‘the Gill Pimblott memorial race’
We have continued to host this event annually ever since, donating all proceeds to a local cancer charity in memory of Gill

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