Sunday, 16 March 2014

St Annes 10 - by Gary Stevens

I entered the St Annes 10 a few weeks ago as a 'warm up' race for next weeks Wilmslow Half Marathon.  Although my injury is still not 100%, it is slowly improving, so it's time to stop moaning and just get on with it.  I log all my training sessions on Strava, so anyone following me will know i have recently stepped up the intensity to try and gain some race fitness, although nothing gets you race fit like actually doing races.
Today was my first road race since October.  For anyone who hasn't done this one before it's virtually pancake flat but can be prone to strong winds, being on the sea front.  After a week of great weather and pretty calm conditions i was hoping for a calm day, but as i opened the car door at St.Annes i knew it was going to be a tough slog, with around 30mph gusty winds.  

I went through the first few miles feeling pretty good, and at mile 5 i was averaging 6.20s. As we turned at the windmill at Lytham we were greeted by the wind, it was strong, the kind of wind that takes your breath away.  It was pretty relentless all the way back, but as i always say "it's the same for everyone" so you just have to carry on regardless.  I finished the race in 47th place clocking 66 mins 55.  Not one of my fastest but it wasn't a day for fast times.  Mrs S said that even the winner was complaining at his time being slow of 55 mins 35!!!

This is a race i would recommend as a build up race for anyone looking at doing a spring half or even full marathon.  It's great value for money at £8-£10.00, depending how you enter.  It has potential to be a PB course, but you are in the hands of the gods with the weather.

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