Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Race Report - Trotters 5 by Captain Wiggins

Sunday 2nd March 2014

After great deliberation with regards to the pre race prep Road shoes Vs Trail shoes and reminiscing over the dreaded hilly run route and the course being the toughest in the CGLP series, it was a surprise to see such a good turnout of runners.
There were a few of our regular runners who were missed on the day though, but with great excuses like “I’m getting married” or “Its my 30 year wedding anniversary” or “ I’m watching City at Wembley” I think we can forgive them… well maybe the first two.

After a heavy night of rain, the A&T massive of 32 blue vests made it to the Trotters 5 Mile Road/Trail Race at Smithills, Bolton and the 2nd CLGP of 2014.

Registration, Toilets and even the offer of a massage (well it’d be rude not to wouldn’t it Damian?) were all held inside the sports centre, which is just a short fast walk away from the start line albeit up a hill, a great way to warm up.

After a quick pre race brief, off went the hooter along with the sea of runners. The course was 2 loops of Road and Trail therefore any shoe would do!

After a steady, nice down section, and on a mixture of mud and stone pathways for the first mile, the route veered left onto the first concreted, paved and steady climb that took you through the edge of a small housing estate, bearing left and gradually continuing up and through a small farm yard, the course headed right and nicely evened out as the route took you across another muddy stoned path running between  two fields, just enough to get some breath back, before hitting the steepest part of the course which was narrow and muddy. The climb finally ends, with the half mile remaining of the loop being concreted pavement and all down hill to bring you back to the start of loop 2.

The first 3 A&T Males to cross were Lewis Eccleston, Tim Campbell and Mark Riches – well done boys!

The first 3 A&T Ladies were Josie Maley, Suzanne Gregory and Carole Baines – Girlpower!

Looking at the results and experiencing the tough course, we think everyone that ran today did a brilliant job. With a well earned Curly Wurly, a Bright orange T shirt and not a raindrop in sight, we think you’ll agree it made for a great morning out.
We even managed to catch up with Bacon Mon to present him with his bottle of wine from Bolton 5k – hope you enjoyed it.

If you’ve not seen them yet, the results are available here:

Captain Wiggins also decided that run of the day would be decided by putting all the names into a hat of everyone who improved on their 2013 Trot-time.  So in to the proverbial hat went: Craig Bradbury, Dave Crowe, Mike Geoghegan, Suzanne Gregory, Carole Baines, Barbs, Cath Hodgetts and Clare Unsworth.  The lucky winner of a bottle of wine is Suzanne – well done Sooz, it’ll be with you at the next race if we don’t’ see you before xx

Well done everyone, we look forward to seeing you all at the next CGLP, (Race 3) @ the Gin Pit Half Marathon on the 23rd March 2014.

Captn. Wiggins (Barbs and Emma xx)

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